What Makes Kulhad Chai Special And Beneficial
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Tea has long been a staple in Indian households, therefore the concept of kulhad chai isn't unfamiliar to the wider populace. A traditional clay cup with no handles is known as a kulhad. It has a very simple look. It's unpainted, unadorned, and plain in style. And, like other earthenware, it's made by firing in a kiln. The clay cup absorbs some of the hot liquids poured into it. When you pour hot tea into a kulhad, some of the tea soaks into the clay, blending the two flavours. This is what gives it the earthy flavour that everyone enjoys. Earthen pots have been used in India for centuries, whether for cooking, storing, or serving. The fact that similar earthenware has been discovered in the ruins of Indus Valley Civilization sites attests to this. It makes no difference when or where this tradition began. 

What important is that it keeps going. Chai-wallas can still be seen across North India, particularly in regions of Uttar Pradesh, offering tea in a kulhad. This, however, is not limited to a single region. Kulhad chai is also available in Shimla or another in Mumbai. The traditional Kulhads not only give the chai a wonderful earthiness, but they're also a hygienic and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and glass tumblers. This is one of the reasons why kulhads are making a significant comeback among Indians. However, it is the earthy texture and aroma that allows one to truly appreciate a hot cup of warming tea in a completely distinct and rustic way.

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Benefits of having tea in kulhad

Prevents bacterial infection

Earlier, we used to drink tea in Kulhad and then dump it. As a result, we can classify it as a non-reusable item. Glasses, on the other hand, can be used after they have been cleaned. However, some bacteria may be retained in the glass throughout the cleaning procedure, resulting in waterborne diseases. Drinking from plastic glass can also be hazardous to your health. As a result, drinking tea in Kulhad can aid in the prevention of bacterial infection.

Kulhads are eco-friendly

Drinking out of a plastic glass is injurious to health, especially our digestive system. It is also extremely detrimental to the environment. Furthermore, a cup of clay is completely eco-friendly and has no negative effects on our health. It can be reused as mud.

Kulhad tea reduces acidity

Our body's acidic nature is reduced by using a cup of clay. As a result, acidity is controlled. In addition, drinking tea in Kulhad tends to boost the body's calcium levels.

They promote the local artists

Kulhad is made in villages. Pottery is the only means of earning for some families. Drinking chai in kulhad helps in promoting their art and boosting employment for them.

They are better than Styrofoam

Tea is sometimes offered in Styrofoam cups, which are extremely unsafe. The substance utilised to make those cups is polystyrene. It is a carcinogen that can contaminate tea or any other beverage put into them. Styrene is a molecule that can induce weariness, hormonal disorders, a lack of attention, mucosal problems, and irritation. There are no negative repercussions from using an earthy clay cup.