This Amritsari Peda Lassi Comes With Malai, Nuts, Sweets And More
Image Credit: Pixabay

A city built by Guru Ramdas, the fourth Sikh Guru, Amritsar is most renowned for the Guru Harmandir Sahib, or the Golden Temple. Countless devotees flock to the premises of the temple every day, to seek the holy blessings. The city is also bustling with several small merchants, shops, dhabas, and eateries that keep you hooked during your stay here. Take Kesar Ka Dhaba for instance, the humble eatery has been serving up authentic Punjabi delicacies since the year 1916. The famous dal of the dhaba apparently goes back 100 years. The city is also renowned for its Kulchas, a type of stuffed flatbreads cooked in tandoor. Typically, these Kulchas are paired with chole and achaar and to guzzle down the greasy goodness you may need a tall glass of Lassi.  

Lassi is a Punjabi buttermilk made with churning yogurt vigorously, it is topped with generous layers of malai. This is of course the most typical way of preparing Lassis, there are many variations to the buttermilk in and around Punjab itself. Like the Peda Lassi. The word Peda is used to describe an Indian milk fudge. It is usually made with flour, that is cooked with milk, sugar and cardamom, until it is chewy and sweet.  

Giani Di Lassi, is perhaps one of the oldest shops selling the special Peda Lassi, it was established in 1927. They usually toss a peda in a lota or vessel and crush it using a wooden muddler. They run the muddler in the vessel several times for 5-10 minutes, until the peda oozes out its ‘makkhan’. A spoonful of pre-made Lassi is then added to make the thick mixture, then a little bit of water is added gradually, to smoothen out the mixture. This muddled, peda mixture or makhhan is then taken out in another vessel.  

Then in the same lota which was used to make Makkhan, some sugar is added followed by yogurt and ice. Then the three are churned together using the muddler. Finally, the Peda Makkhan is added and everything is well-combined and served as a thick and indulgent beverage in one tall glass.  

Slurping? How about recreating the recipe at home? Do let us know if you succeeded.