What Is The Butter Candle? The Newest Viral Food Trend
Image Credit: i am a food blog

With beautiful yellow butter candles popping up all over the internet, we can only imagine how amazing it must feel to have the entire space filled with the aroma of melting butter. Apart from being perfect for cosy gatherings of friends and family, at home, these candles make for lovely edible gifts. If you’re wondering how to go about unpacking your way through eating a butter candle, this gift of the internet is great to dip crusty bread into. If you’re feeling fancy, making flavoured butter candles that taste of cinnamon sugar or garlic and herbs is the ultimate hedonistic experience.

If you’re looking to make a candle of your own, it is best to use seasoned or salted butter. The idea of a butter candle starts with the intent of seasoning the food it is placed on, as it melts slowly. Starting small, with a stick or two of butter, to experiment with, at first, is ideal. The process to make one is rather simple, in that, all it needs is a cup, a wick and some melted butter. Once you place the wick in a cup, pouring the melted butter over and allowing it to sit in the fridge for a couple of hours, is all it takes to make a marvellous butter candle.

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Zhuzhing up a butter candle to make it taste extra special, is also a popular way to add scent, along with flavour. Add a bit of red wine if you want a light pink toned candle, some lemon zest for a citric aroma and flavour, herbs, garlic and crushed bacon, for some richness and punch. If you’re in a hurry, buying readymade compound butter and transforming it into a delicious and crafty creation is an effective and time-saving way to make most of the experience.

The butter candle is ready to enjoy as soon as you light it and the topmost layer begins to turn glossy and the colour of liquid gold. This handcrafted butter décor works perfectly with breads, crudites, cold cuts – if savoury and with brownies, cakes, waffles and pies – if sweet.