What Is The ‘65’ In Chicken 65? Viral Video Has The Answer
Image Credit: Chicken 65. Image: Freepik

If you love to try spicy Indian dishes, you must know all about Chicken 65. A hot favourite among non-vegetarians, this spicy and delicious south Indian chicken appetiser has gained popularity all over the country. A tantalising party staple, chicken 65 can often be seen on many menus. It is an easy and quick dish that comes with a lot of flavours and continues to make foodies drool. The popularity of the dish is such that there are many different versions of the recipe - mutton 65, paneer 65 and more. But have you ever thought why the dish is called chicken 65? What is ‘65’ about? And does that have anything to do with the preparation of the recipe? Well, a viral recipe has the answer!  

In an Instagram video shared by content creator Raunak Ramteke, we come across the interesting fact that led to the dish being named after the number 65. Up till now, there have been several theories about the reason the dish is named so. Some say it has to do with the number of spices used in the dish, while others even say the dish has to be marinated for 65 days before cooking. However, all these reasons have been quashed with the video, as it says that the number '65' has nothing to do with the spices or marinating time. In fact, it signifies the year the dish was made for the first time. Chicken 65 was first made in 1965 and hence the name. Take a look at the video: