What Is In Mira Kapoor’s Snack Bag? 5 Yummy Items You Can Stuff In Yours
Image Credit: Instagram @mira.kapoor

Mira Kapoor is fast emerging to be one of the most fascinating social media icons of the time. So much so that when actor Shahid Kapoor quizzed her about who had a better Instagram feed amongst them, she promptly replied that Shahid was taking tips from her. Mira, who tied the knot with Shahid Kapoor in 2015, has more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram. She often uses the photo-sharing app to give us a sneak peek into her OOTD’s, skincare and diet. Mira Kapoor is a self-confessed foodie who can also apparently cook up a storm. She also, it seems, keeps her snacks ready with her at all times. A few days, she shared an image of her snack bag, and on Friday morning, she did it again, this time in addition to revealing the contents of her snack bag, she also asked for recommendations for a good bag that can fit in everything she likes to carry with her. But what was she carrying with her this time around?  

This time around, it was a mix of light snacks, nuts and fruits. “Another round of my overstuffed snack bag”, Mira wrote in her caption. Mira’s bag comprised a dabba of “poha”, which was “obv(obvious”, then there was also some sweet potato chaat, anaar or pomegrenate seeds, water, walnuts and ‘elaichi banana’. Elaichi bananas are small-sized bananas, they are called so not for their flavour, but for their size.  

Many nutritionists are now vouching for the habit of ‘snacking’. Instead of having big-big meals, it is a good idea to break your meals in small-sized meals, and eat them at regular intervals. This keeps your metabolism strong. If you are travelling, you can also pack all your snacks in a bag, just like Mira. Here are some ideas

Mixed Nuts And Bhel: Combine puffed rice, poha, roasted peanuts, almonds cashews etc to make a healthy trail mix that you can chomp into whenever required.

Apple Slices With Peanut Butter: Slice your apples really thin, dunk them in peanut butter and eat. Easy low carb snack, for a particularly busy day

Fruit Chaat: Cut all your favourite fruits, toss in some chaat masala and treat yourself to something yummy and healthy, each time the cravings hit.  

Curd sandwich: No mayo no problem. Take small sizes of bread, apply some hung curd, chutney, place sliced veggies like onions, tomatoes and cucumber. Toast it and sneak it in your dabba

Gur Chana: Take some roasted chana and mix them with roughly chopped jaggery, for a sweet, savoury and crunchy snack.