What is Gelatin And Why You Should Add This Protein in Your Diet
Image Credit: Marshmallow (Picture Courtesy: Unsplash)

As you can figure out from the headline itself, gelatin is a protein. It is derived from collagen which is present in the bones, cartilage, and skin of animals. Gelatin is flavourless substance with a jelly-like structure that is extracted by processing animal parts. Bone broth, soups, candies, and some medications contain gelatin. It is considered good for people recovering from an illness. It plays a significant role in brain and joint health. This transparent component is a good source of minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds and that is why its consumption is highly recommended. Below, we are listing a few scientifically proven reasons why you should add gelatin to your daily diet.

Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

The amino acid present in gelatin can boost collagen and improve your facial moisture. Its consumption can reduce wrinkles too.

Good For Digestive Health

Gelatin supports the wall of your intestine and protects the mucus lining present in your intestine. It prevents leaky gut with the help of glutamic acid present in it. 

Reduces Blood Sugar Level

Those who are at a high risk of developing diabetes or diabetics whose blood sugar level remains high all the time should opt for gelatin-containing foods. That’s because it has been found to drop your blood glucose level. 

Good For Joints

Those who are suffering from osteoporosis or those who are at great risk of developing it should add gelatin-containing foods to their daily diet as it strengthens your connective tissues and reduces joint pain. It also increases the density of the cartilage. Moreover, lysine present in gelatin improves your bone health.