What Is Adrenal Cocktail? Read More About This Health Concoction
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Amongst the internet’s changing food trends, there has been much ado about this orange drink that people have sweared by for its many health benefits. The drink derives its name from the adrenal glands present in the human body; a tiny triangular-shaped organ which are placed atop both kidneys. Responsible for the production of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, these hormones are important for the body to maintain its fight-or-flight responses, regulate blood pressure and more importantly, manage stress.

Why this is so crucial for our overall wellness and physical health is because the adrenal glands work in tandem with other crucial organs like the kidneys and pituitary gland, which are also the areas which are most affected by any stress signals communicated by the brain to the body. Since adrenal glands produce these vital hormones, they’re automatically important for the survival and functioning of the body. What keeps these glands healthy, apart from a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, is the consumption of a concoction made of just 3-4 ingredients.

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One of the larger impacts of stress is the depletion of minerals in the body, which the adrenal cocktail – made with equal parts orange juice and coconut water, and a pinch of pink salt – replenishes. To reap the full benefits of this drink, it is best when consumed with a teaspoon of magnesium powder mixed in, which also enables the replenishing of any electrolyte imbalance in the body. The drink is in full effect when consumed first thing in the morning and is a great drink to give your children, since they engage in more physical activity than most adults, on an everyday basis.

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Rich in vitamin C and major electrolytes, the adrenal cocktail also provides sodium and potassium in optimum quantities. Another advantage of consuming this drink is how it manages to soothe those suffering from chronic stress and stress-related issues like irritable bowels, fatty liver or joint pains. One can also consume this concoction twice a day, preferably a couple of hours post noon, when the body starts to experience a gradual decline in the adrenal gland hormones. This is also a great drink to have before or after a tedious workout or to have at night, if you experience trouble sleeping.