What Does Birthday Girl Sushmita Sen Eat In A Day?
Image Credit: Sushmita Sen/Instagram, The model cum actor is a big-time foodie too.

The young at heart and supreme beauty of Bollywood, Sushmita Sen is celebrating her birthday today as she turns 47. On this special day, we recall the amazing performances she has done on screen and honour her greatest achievement of becoming Miss Universe. But more than that, what makes her super relatable is her foodie side. 

The secret behind Sushmita’s radiant looks is her diet and exercise regime. Following a light and natural food-based diet, she starts her mornings with a warm glass of water. Breakfast is a protein-rich meal minus carbs, wherein she has egg whites along with porridge and some ginger tea, as per a report by Times of India. For lunch and dinner too, she prefers to have home-cooked food. 

The former comprises of sabzi or a meaty curry, along with steamed rice and dal. She even adds a seasonal fruity delight to her meals. The latter is the last meal of her day so she tries to keep it light and healthy. This includes dal and beans. She avoids consuming carbs for dinner and instead, adds a bowl of fresh raita to complete it. 

Instead of snacking on unhealthy bites during evenings, Sushmita prefers to sip on a glass of vegetable juice or simply pair her black coffee with a bowl of upma. For the unversed, upma is a light savoury porridge made with semolina and vegetables and can be eaten for breakfast as well as snacks. She even eats idli for snack sometimes. 

However, there are days when she likes to cheat. So instead of grilled fish and vegetables or a simple, homemade meal, she opts for biryani, which she calls her soul food. Another dish that makes her really happy is her mother’s chilli chicken recipe. She can never say no to it, even if it’s not a cheat day.