Weekend Special- Chennai's 6 Best Whiskey Bars
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Chennai is a rapidly expanding metropolis and one of the major hubs for culture, the economy, and education. Often known as "India's health capital," is a city that attracts a lot of foreign visitors. Chennai, known as the "Detroit of India," is among the top cities in the nation for entertainment, safety, quality of life, and per capita GDP.

The gentleman's club- in the United States, particularly in Las Vegas, can have diverse meanings. However, during the latter part of the 20th century and in Colonial India, these clubs served as gathering places for the elite citizens of the city. These clubs are now known for their bars, that has luxurious leather couches, hardwood paneling, and subdued lighting, which will take you to a different era. One of the oldest clubs in India, the Madras Club (formerly known as the Ace of Clubs in the 19th century) was founded in 1832. Chennai has the second-best club culture in India, behind Kolkata.

The city's more modern bars are the areas to have a leisurely drink and quiet discussions. Here you will find experts provide insights into their preferred whiskies and the atmosphere is never dampened by music. 

Although there are other spirits and drinks available, whiskey is the one that usually steals the show here.

The Best Whiskey Bars in Chennai

1. Library Blu, Leela Palace, Chennai

One of the best bars in the city, it can easily be found on any list of the best whisky bars in India. The only opulent city hotel in Chennai situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal is the Leela Palace. The views are enhanced by the interiors' blue and gold hues. First-edition classic bookshelves and excellent art by renowned painters such as Paresh Maity are among our favorite design features. Not only does the wine list and selection of great whiskies impress, but the cocktails also hit the spot.

Here you'll find some of the rarest cognacs, single malts, and premium cigars. Try the Glenfiddich 1961, Rare Collection.

Timings: Offer timing: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Weekday timing: 5:00 pm to 1:00 am

Price: INR 1500 plus taxes (per person)

Address: Leela Palace Chennai, MRC Nagar

Video Credit: Youtube/Tipsy Bartender

2. Lady Connemara Bar, Taj Connemara

One of the most famous hotels in India, which represents the 19th century. This used to be the center of the nightlife of Chennai or Madras as it was then known. The refinement that distinguishes this establishment in the city is the same. A place overflowing with classic Madras stories, hand-rolled cigars, along some classic whiskies compete for your attention. The pub is highly recognized for its English Afternoon Tea Service and for being home to some of the top whiskey labels.

If you are a whiskey lover you will get a wide range of rare whiskey collections from their bar menu like The Balvenie 1972 Vintage Cask Rare, which you can try.

Timings: 11:00 hrs

Price: INR 3500* (For 2 people)

Address: Taj Connemara, Binny Road

3. The Velveteen Rabbit

The name of this small tavern comes from the novel by Margery Williams. Redesigned recently, this well-liked hangout for adults now has several floors. Not only do the interiors take you to a different era and location, but the menu for food and beverages has also been totally updated. This is a terrific place to hang out on a Friday night, with superb malts, small appetizers from around the world, and artisanal cocktails.

The Velveteen Rabbit is a popular choice for women looking to have a girls' night out and is the ideal place to relax after a busy day. This establishment is a treat for everyone, offering live entertainment options like karaoke and live sports shows. 

Timing: 12 pm - 12 am

Address: 2nd Main Rd, RA Puram

4. Cheerot, ITC Grand Chola

Unquestionably one of India's best malt and cigar lounges, Cheroot gets its name from the famed cigar that was Winston Churchill's personal favorite during the former Madras Presidency. Cheroot's interiors transport you to the heyday of the Raj with their sumptuous upholstery and cozy, inviting colors. With its 'Speakeasy' design, it's also a 2020s take on a 1920s drinking establishment where drinks specialists congregate. 

Here you'll find some of the rarest cognacs, single malts, and premium cigars.

Timings: 11 am - 1 pm

Address: ITC Grand Chola, Mount Road

5. The Flying Elephant, Park Hyatt Chennai

Nearly ten years have passed since The Flying Elephant upended Chennai's upscale food and beverage landscape. Flying Elephant resurfaced with a bolder, more inventive, and what they like to refer to as an unscripted persona after a sort of hiatus. Its three-story construction provides diners with a dining experience that is unlike anything else in Chennai. Although the redesigned menu may be the main attraction, Flying Elephant's original patrons will attest that this is also a fantastic place to enjoy your favorite malts. As part of the hotel's recent makeover, it provides a variety of redesigned areas and niches.

Enjoy their wide collection of whiskies, which range from Irish to Japanese.

Timing: Restaurant - 7 pm - 11.30 pm

Bar - Sunday to Thursday: 5 pm - 1 am 

Friday to Saturday: 5 pm - 2 am

Price: Food & soft beverages INR 3,200 (all-inclusive)

Food & alcoholic beverages INR 4,500 (all-inclusive)

Address: Park Hyatt Chennai, Velachery Road

6. Radio Room

Nearly seven years have passed since Chennai's Radio Room rewrote the rules for what constitutes an "adult bar." Perhaps the soundtrack, which primarily consists of rock anthems and 80s hits, is what creates the atmosphere. Repurposed hi-fi systems in the mix of the interiors complete the ambiance. The best whiskies and international beers round out the list of choices.

Timing: 12 pm - 1 am

Address: Sathyadev Avenue, MRC Nagar, Santhome