Wedding Invite Asking Guests To Choose Meal According To Gift Value Shock Netizens
Image Credit: The wedding invite generated quite a lot of buzz.

Weddings, across the world, are a huge event in anyone’s life that needs a lot of planning. Right from the venue and décor to the guest list, trousseau and menu, everything needs to be on point, for the day to be a memorable one. In many countries of the West, the practice of RSVPing is quite common, wherein the invitee sends back a small RSVP card marking their presence/absence on it, so the host can plan accordingly. But we recently came across one such wedding invite that took it to another level. In a Reddit post, we saw a wedding invite which gave meal choices to guests as per the value of their gift, which they had to mark. Sounds unbelievable? Take a look at the post:

Shared on Reddit by user u/docerin, who wrote “Bigger cash gift = better dinner?”, the photograph of the wedding invite had a column for the wedding guest to fill in their name and were asked to circle their ‘gift level’ to indicate a meal choice. "So that we may prepare your preferred dinner, please circle your gift level and indicate a meal choice for each person in your party," said the card. Below it, were four levels of gift as per their cost and the meal the guests would be serves based on it. Starting from the 'loving gift' of $250 that came with the meal choices roast chicken or sword fish, the list had 'silver gift' level next which offered sliced steak or poached salmon in addition the previous options. It was followed by the 'golden gift' of $500-$1,000 where guests could choose from Filet Mignon or Lobster. The highest was the ‘platinum gift’ which in addition to the above meals offered vegetarian and kosher meals as well along with a souvenir champagne goblet. Sounds absurd? Redditors thought so too!

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