Kartik Aaryan became a household name after he debuted with Pyaar ka Punchnama in the Indian film industry. His monologue-style rants about the opposite sex garnered several cheers and applauses and many found them to be quite hilarious. He broke his own style with the recent success of Dhamaka. Having said that, the man is of many talents and interests. Since Delhi is the hub of eating joints and delicious food, he often flies down to the city, to take a stroll in Connaught Place and dig here and there. When he last visited Delhi, he was in the mood for Italian so headed to Big Chill and later in the evening, he was spotted at Yeti, a Himalayan kitchen too. 

That’s enough proof to tell us what a foodie he is. And well, that’s why we were hoping that we would see a tempting Sunday binge this weekend. However, seems like the actor is trying to eat healthy and maintain his diet because he shared an image of his food on Instagram stories. It comprised of a basic avocado toast with a cup of black coffee on the side. Wondering what it looked like? Here take a look. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Kartik Aaryan 

 Avocados are considered to have great health benefits for the body. Abundant in folate and fibre, the sub-tropical fruit is good for improving digestive health. Along with this, it is also packed with some of the good fats that provide energy to the body. Guacamole, a spread made from avocados, is a popular spread that is used on toasts, biscuits and for sandwiches too. If you’re planning to introduce avocados in your diet too, here’s what you should be eating. 

1.  Avocado Egg Salad 

Salads are fresh, light and healthy. A bowl full of green, leafy vegetables can be a little disheartening at times. In such a case, a crunchy slice of avocado can work well. Add to that some boiled and sliced eggs and you are ready to take on the world. 

2.  Avocado Toast 

Just like the Dhamaka actor, if you want to keep it simple too this recipe is for you. Ready in just five minutes, all you need are some peeled, ripe avocados. Top them on a toasted slice and sprinkle some red pepper flakes, sesame seeds and it’s ready. 

3.  Avocado Mango Shrimp Salad 

This is by far, the best summer salad recipe that is filling, tasty and refreshing too. The sweetness and tanginess of mangoes is complemented by the tartness of avocados. Throw in some shrimps for a seafood treat and this would work well without a dressing too.