We Tried The Trending Mango Sandwich Recipe And Here’s Why You Should Too
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @zuny_cheng

Come summers and our kitchen counter starts to brim with all things light and cool. Besides everything, one food that Indian kitchens are incomplete during peak summer season is mango! Known as the king of fruits, weekends in most Indian homes are spent preparing Aam Panna to store for the next few months and weekdays often end with an array of mango-based desserts. Isn’t this true? After all a few (or more) chilled mango slices makes the summer a little more bearable for most of us. And while there are ample number of dishes to make from mango, lovers of the fruit cannot stop themselves from creating new each day. We recently came across a chilled mango dish that instantly awakened the chef in us! Mango sandwich is this beautiful, creamy and chilled dish that is just the perfect one for the scorching summer season. 

Remember the famous strawberry sandwich that took the internet by storm a couple of years ago? This is quite close to that. The mango sandwich is a fruity spin to your regular sandwich, that you are going to absolutely love! It is bound to be a hit with all, especially children, and if the viral recipe on the internet is to be believed, it is already a hit in some parts of the country too. 

Wondering what all you need? This mango sandwich is made with just about 2-3 major ingredients, and that’s it. Isn’t it a fun way to include mango in your diet? All you need is to simply chill the sandwich for a while in the fridge before eating for the best experience!

How To Make Mango Sandwich 

A quick internet search is sure to give you many variations of this same recipe. But we are going to give you one of the best out of the lot. It isn’t just simply delicious but also fairly simple and quick. All you need is to take mangoes and cut thin slices out of them. Now take your choice of bread - white and brown both will work, cut the brown edges and keep them aside. To prepare the mix to spread on the bread, use cream or Greek yogurt, cardamom powder, powdered sugar and fresh mango puree. You can also finely blend the mango slices. Mix and place it in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes before serving. You can also chill all the ingredients well in advance before starting to assemble the sandwich. To serve, simply spread the mix over bread slices, cover and serve with your favourite beverage - shakes, coffee, juices or anything that goes for you. You can also place mango slices in between the bread slices. 

Isn’t the recipe so simple and amazing? Just what we need this summer season to enjoy mango to the fullest. Want other mango dessert ideas to munch on this summer? Here are some recipes you can try.