You know those kind of people who cannot live without coffee. Their mornings start with coffee and their day ends with coffee too. A good cup of coffee brightens up their day and if they don’t have one, their mood is really messed up. That’s the effect caffeine has on our minds and bodies. I’ve got plenty of friends who feel this way. And interestingly, there are tons of Bollywood celebrities too who swear by this beverage. If you remember, Shahid Kapoor was bitten by the coffee bug so much so that he hopped on to the ongoing coffee trend on social media and left us in splits. We’ve also seen Vicky Kaushal being super expressive about his love for food and coffee, specifically. 

Recently, we discovered another coffee aficionado from the film industry, Neha Sharma. The Indian actress took to her Instagram stories to share a video of her coffee in the making. The slow motion in which the coffee pours from the machine into the coffee cup is what makes us so tempted. She posts it with a sticker called, “Hello” and we can feel her happy vibe right there. Here’s what her coffee looked like.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Neha Sharma

5 Coffee Recipes That You Should Try

If you show us coffee, you cannot get away without some yum coffee recipes. Here are some that you can try. 

1.  Frappe Iced Coffee

Take some espresso and add some milk to it. Blend it all together and your delicious frappe is ready at home. Pop in some ice cubes for that chilled effect. This is a great addition to your coffee collection when you are bored of hot coffee or need a quick respite in summers. 

2.  Turkish Coffee 

Did you know that Turkish coffee was in trend these days? The coffee is not hot but cold, made from freshly ground Turkish coffee beans that are brewed in cold water. Add some castor sugar to it and mix it well. This delicious coffee preparation is a must-have. 

3.  Butter Coffee 

Intrigued by the name of this coffee? Here’s how you can make it at home now. Take some organic coffee beans. Ground them along with fresh ghee. Add to this some brain octane oil and collagen protein and your creamy butter coffee is ready. 

4.  Dalgona Coffee 

If this lockdown has taught the kitchen novices something, it is dalgona coffee. The milky base topped with a frothy layer of coffee with mountain-like peaks makes it so tempting. You can drizzle some cocoa powder on top of it and drink up. Just be careful to mix it well otherwise it might taste bitter. 

5.  Irish Coffee 

Cocktail-like feel in a coffee? The Irish coffee can make it possible. The fresh coffee beans are mixed with Irish whiskey. Yes, you read that right. This is a coffee-cocktail recipe. Add to this some brown sugar and cinnamon if you like. The last layer should be that of whipped cream and Voila! Your coffee is ready.