Ways To Clean Glass Bottles Naturally From Inside
Image Credit: glass bottles/ pixabay.com

The liquid or food they contain, as well as any stains or residues left on the bottom that must be carefully removed, all affect how all glass bottles can be cleaned and washed. The most popular natural cures include vinegar, bicarbonate, lemon, salt, rice, sand, and broken egg shells because of their abrasive properties, which enable them to remove even the toughest residues. The glass bottles should be dried by being placed upside down on a horizontal surface and supported by a dry, clean cotton cloth. 

Here's how you can clean glass bottles naturally-

Vinegar and bicarbonate

Fill the bottle with a little vinegar and water, cork it, and shake vigorously. If you feel it is necessary, repeat the process, possibly adding a little lemon juice. For an even better outcome, let the mixture sit in the bottle for the entire night before shaking it again, giving the bottles a thorough rinse, and setting them out to dry. For cleaning new bottles, a vinegar-and-water wash is also advised. The best methods for getting rid of odours from glass bottles are bicarbonate and vinegar. In addition, vinegar has a powerful degreasing impact even on grease, making it a great choice for cleaning bottles that once held oil.

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Water, vinegar, lemon juice, and a small amount of uncooked rice should be added to the bottle and thoroughly mixed; the rice will help remove wine stains while the vinegar and lemon will eliminate undesirable aromas. Remove the rice, but leave the mixture to work all night. Repeat the process, rinse, and dry the bottles if the odour persists. Use potato peelings to remove tough wine stains. Chop them up, put them into glass bottles with water, and shake vigorously.

Vinegar, coarse salt and raw rice

Pour 750 ml of warm water, add one cup of raw rice, a handful of coarse salt, and one glass of vinegar. To start, wash the bottle under running water to get rid of any dust or leftover limescale. Next, add the lukewarm water and the remaining ingredients. Shake the bottle vigorously for a minute before allowing it to work for two hours. After that, rinse the bottle in warm water, and then allow it to air dry.