Watching Calories? Here Are Some Light Dinner Dishes For You
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A delicious dinner is what each one of us loves to go home to after a tiring day, even though cooking one would be one of the most dreadful tasks. While you might think preparing an elaborate and delectable dinner is an exhausting task, you would be happy to know it is actually possible to have a tasty meal for dinner without putting much of an effort. As the last meal of the day, dinner has an important role to play in keeping our metabolism strong and healthy. During the night, our metabolism is slow or quite inactive, as compared to morning; therefore, eating heavy dinner may pile on the unwanted pounds of weight. If someone is keen on weight loss then it is usually advised that one should have a light yet nutritious dinner.  

Here are some light dinner dishes you can make for a healthy and nutritious dinner-

Palak Khichdi

This khichdi dish is light on the stomach while being packed with flavorful spices, the goodness of spinach (palak), and dal. After a long day at work, this simple dinner recipe—which takes less than an hour to prepare—is just what you need to make a nutritious meal that is also quick.

palak khichdi

Perfect for those watching their calories! This oat idli is perfect because South Indian food is recognised for being light and healthful. This tender and delectable idli dish is loaded with nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and proteins and is made with carrots, oats, chana, and urad dal as well as spices and chiles.

Panchratna Dal

Five lentils are used in this incredibly delicious and nutritious Rajasthani dal recipe: moong, channa, masoor, urad, and tuar or arhar, which are cooked with a variety of masalas to create a creamy dish. This dal is famous since the time of Mahabharata as well. It is a nutritious blend of spices and nutrition.

Steamed vegetables

Steamed vegetables are one of the simplest dishes we can make and one of the simplest ways to get more vegetables on our plates. Simply combine the vegetables and steam them while performing other tasks. extremely light, quick, and healthy!

Hawaiin papaya salad

Hawaiian papaya salad, a delicious concoction of fresh fruits, coconut, flavoured yoghurt, and tart lime, will undoubtedly tempt your taste buds without packing on unnecessary calories. This salad dish is a quick cure for your idle afternoons and combines freshly cut papaya cubes with watermelon, pineapple, and coconut. It is then tossed with yoghurt and lime.