Watch: Try Your Hand At Making This Fun Watermelon Fruit Jello
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Tell us a more fun dessert than jelly and you’ll have us surprised. Jelly easily tops the list of the most versatile sweet dishes. Whether you have jelly with custard or use it to make an entirely new and exciting recipe like the one we are about to share with you, jelly is the easiest and tastiest sweet to indulge in. If you’re looking to delight your kids with an innovative dish, we have the most fun recipe idea for you. Are you ready for bidding bye bye to summers and to embrace the monsoons? We certainly are and we are celebrating rainy days by making the Watermelon Fruit Jello. These small watermelon jelly replicas are a super cool treat for kids. Just follow this easy recipe by Home Chef Sonia Sarpal to make this delicious fun treat:


Watermelon shell (scooped out the pulp)

Oranges - 2 

Jelly crystals: strawberry and raspberry flavour - 3 packets

Boiling water - 1200 ml 

Scooped fruits: mango, watermelon and pear

Mint leaves

Chia seeds - 1 tsp 


Add jelly crystals to boiling water. Stir well and remove from flame. 

Cut oranges in halves and remove the pulp. Pour the jelly in to the orange shells. Refrigerate for five hours. 

Cut a watermelon and scoop out the pulp. Pour the jelly inside the watermelon shell. Also add scooped mango, watermelon and pear in to the shell. Refrigerate for five to six hours. 

Carefully slice the frozen Jelly fruit pods. Sprinkle chia seeds and enjoy.