Cooking With Kids This Summer? Try This No-Bake Mango Tart
Image Credit: | This No-Bake Mango Tart Is What You Deserve In This Sweltering Heat

We know, the heatwave across the country isn’t particularly helping the cooks inside of us. We have bookmarked our best recipes, but to slog it out in the kitchen, that too in front of hot appliances like stove or oven seems like a feat, doesn’t it? Which is why, it is never a bad idea to experiment with easier recipes. How about some tarts that require no baking. That’s true. No-Bake Tarts are a thing, and an incredible one for those who do not own fancy ovens. Trat is a dish with an open pastry base, that resembled a thin dish. It is filled with a creamy filling that may or may not be topped with nuts and fruits.  

You can experiment as much as you want with your tarts. For the base, you can use any kind of flour, millets. Some crushed biscuits (that already contain flour and sugar) can also be used as a quick fix. All you need to do is crush and grind them into a powder, like home chef and Slurrp Community member Sonia Sarpal. She used Marie biscuits for her no-bake Mango tart, and it is indeed genius how simple this recipe is. For filling, she uses the season-favourite Mangoes. Mangoes are called the ‘King of fruits’, and honestly can there be a title more befitting? We guess not.  

Mangoes make a short appearance, you know they are only here for a while. So before the summer season ends, make good use of mangoes. Chop and blend to get the pulp of mangoes and mix with whipped cream to make the cream filling of the tart. Once you have the mango filling, just spread it on the base  and let it set in the refrigerator for good 5-6 hours. Take it out once set and garnish with pistachios and more mangoes.

Sounds like a cakewalk? Watch the video and learn.


  • 240 gm Marie Biscuits ( crushed)
  • 1/2 cup melted butter
  • ️1 cup whipped cream
  • ️2 mangoes ( for pulp)
  • ️Sugar ( optional)
  • ️Chopped pistachios, mint leaves & scoped mango for garnishing
  • ️Tart tin size - 9 inch


  • Take crushed biscuits in a blender and grind until somewhat smooth. You do not have to make it into a fine powder.  
  • Add melted butter and mix well with the biscuit crumbs using a spatula.
  • Once mixed, spread the mixture in the tart tin. Spread well until even and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  • Now prepare the filling. Take some whipped cream and add mango pulp to the same. Mix gently until well-combined.  
  • Pour the mango-cream on top of the base you just prepared with biscuit crumbs. Refrigerate for 5 hours.  
  • Demould and garnish with pistachios and mangoes.  
  • Try the recipe soon and let us know how you liked it.