Watch: This Is How You Can Make Khoba Roti At Home
Image Credit: Instagram/the_erratic_chef

Khoba Roti is a popular Rajasthani flatbread that's pinched artistically with fingertips. The word Khoba in Marwari signifies cavity or some sort of depression. Khoba Roti is an interesting dish that is paired best with vegetable curries. The vegetables are placed on the tiny cavities and then eaten along with the roti. Some would day that the Khoba Roti acts as a plate in itself. While this roti can be consumed with non-vegetarian curries too, but because it is heavy as a dish, it may not prove to be a great accompaniment for your non vegetarian dishes. Serve this roti with mix vegetables, dal and ghee for a beautiful platter or Thali experience for your friends and family! Follow this Khoba Roti recipe video by Home Chef Sonia Sarpal, and get cooking right away. 


Whole wheat flour - 1 cup 

Ghee for kneading and some more for serving - 2 tbsp 

Kasturi methi - 1 tbsp 

Ajwain - 1 tsp 

Salt to taste

Water for kneading

Desi ghee for garnishing


Combine wheat four and ghee in a bowl. Add ajwain to the bowl. Next, pour in some salt and kasturi methi. 

Add water to knead a tight dough. Once done, rest dough for 15 mins. 

On a flat surface, roll the dough half inch thick in to the shape of a roti. 

Place the roti over low heat. Cook one side. Remove roti from the skillet. Pinch a design. 

Cook the roti again on skillet on low medium heat. Roast both the sides well. 

Pour ghee generously. Your Khoba Roti is now ready to be served.