Watch: This Easy Hack To Cut Onions Is Going Viral
Image Credit: Image credit: Pixabay

If we were to list one of the most difficult kitchen chores, the task of cutting onions would perhaps top the list for many. But since we also love to have them everywhere from our curries, stews, soups to salads, we cannot do away with them either, irrespective of the tears they bring along. Onions are popular across cuisines, be it Indian, Mexican or British. They are bold, pungent, but also sweet. There are many ways to cut onions, you can chop them, dice them, and cut them in julienne. A recent video that has gone viral on Instagram claims to show one of the most efficient ways to chop onions, and it is indeed quite impressive, have a look. Who knows the video uploaded by the handle “What How Why” may just save you some fuss.  

Let us break it down for you:  

If you look at the video closely, you can see a man grabbing an onion and slicing it in half.

He then takes out the peel of the onion using his fingers.

After this, he takes out a scale (outermost layer of the onion). Lays it flat on a wooden chopping board. Presses it down on the board using his finger and run his knife vertically first, and then horizontally to make sure the onions are evenly chopped.  

The reaction to the video that has, as of Friday, been viewed by more than 137k viewers got mixed reactions from the people in the comments. While some were impressed by the efficiency.  

“You just changed my entire life,” wrote a pleased user.

“This is absolutely the wrongest way to cut an onion...” wrote another, who didn’t seem too impressed.

Interestingly, a few months ago, celebrity chef Ranveer Brar also took to his YouTube channel to school us into the art of chopping onions. As per his method, you peel the onions first and then cut them into half. Lay one half on the chopping board with the flat surface on the bottom And DO NOT separate the stem at first. You make thin slices vertically from end to end, and then horizontally in criss-cross fashion. Once you are done with the cutting, cut off the stem using the knife, and you will have chopped onions in front of you, without any of the onion layers slipping away from your hand. Impressive technique? Have a look.  

Every cut of onion has a different impact on your preparation. For instance, chopped onions are better for dishes that can be rustled up quicker, whereas big cuts of onions are better for preparations that take time, this will help onions release flavour gradually.  

Therefore, each time you set out to make something, make sure you understand what cut of onions it requires.  

How do you like to chop your onions? Do let us know if you have cooler hacks up your sleeves.