Watch: This Bizarre Combination Of Waffles And Caviar Is The Latest Buzz On The Internet
Image Credit: Screengrab of viral video/Reddit, How about some savoury waffles tonight?

The era of bizarre food trends has just begun. We’ve been caught up in this loop of creating something extraordinary and in this process, end up ruining several others delicious foods. Take maggi for instance. The popular instant noodles has been the unfortunate victim of these experiments time and again. People love eating maggi but we aren’t sure how would they react if it is served with ice cream or cooked in fanta. Same goes for oreo biscuits. The chocolate and vanilla-variants have been dunked in dosas and maggis too. Not to forget, the fire experiments that are a rage these days, right from fire paan to fire dosa. 

The latest buzz on the Internet is our beloved waffles. The crunchy and crispy dough is shaped using a waffle iron, giving it a zig-zag pattern which is loaded with all sorts of condiments later. That is waffles for you. The name of this dish is derived from the French word guafre which then later well on to become wafla and finally waffles. So what happened is that a chef took to his TikTok handle to share the video of his waffle experiment with the world. Do you want to see how it went? Here, take a look. 

         Source: r/StupidFood, CornHuskManager/Reddit 

In the video which was shared on sub-reddit r/Stupid Food, the creator Danny Grubs begins by taking out ingredients like sautéed onions, potato hash browns, ham and waffles. He separates the meat from the potatoes and then pours in some cream in a pot. He adds oat milk, hash brown and garlic to it. While this is cooking, he toasts his waffles in an oven for five to ten minutes. He then makes a syrup of raspberry, lemon zest, sugar and water. He adds maple syrup and vanilla extract to the pan. He checks up on the waffles and takes them out once firm. He tosses ham in a pan filled with oil and the separated meat with the sautéed onions and maple syrup in another. He covers the ham with cheese slices and bakes in the oven. 

Finally, he sieves the raspberry syrup and places the ham and cheese combination on the waffles along with the shredded meat. He makes a sandwich by placing another waffle on top and freezing it in the freezer. He prepares the truffle during this time. The frozen waffles are batter-fried and placed on a creamy caviar mousse and garnished with raspberry syrup. 

This one definitely won our hearts but we don’t know how it will taste. Till then, why don’t you try these waffle recipes. 

1.  Buttermilk Waffles With Chocolate 

These are good for breakfast and dessert. 

2.   Banana Nut Waffles 

Crunchy waffles with an additional nut crunch, do you want some? 

3.  Belgian Waffles With Triple Berry Sauce 

Loaded with a sweet berry sauce, these waffles taste heavenly.