Is This Trending Cucumber And Soda Pickle Worth The Hype?
Image Credit: Is This Trending Pickle Made With Cucumber And Soda Worth A Try?

One never knows what will go viral in the world of food and beverage. At times you are whipping coffee for that iconic Dalgona froth, and the next moment, you are pouring Fanta in your Maggi. The sheer range of quirky and bizarre food trends does manage to keep you hooked on the internet, however; and it is only a matter of time until you give in. It’s the summertime, and many summer essentials such as sodas, sharbats, mangoes and melons have taken over our fridge. Cucumber is also one of the summer staples that we cannot seem to do without, it has already made way into our salads, raitas, and detox waters. But have you ever tried sliding in a slice of it into a glass of Sprite? It is one of the ‘trending’ things to do this summer, and here’s why it may not be a bad idea.  

Why Does This Sprite Cucumber Pickle Work?

Sprite or a colorless, lemon and lime-flavored soft drink, is essentially a fizzy carbonated beverage that is infused with the freshness of cucumber. We all know how complimentary cucumber and lemon are, so you know, flavourwise you are in for a ride. But this is not a summer cooler that you are making but a pickle right, so how does it fare with some additions like green chillies, vinegar and garlic? It is an absolute delight. The hot chillies, pungent garlic, fresh cucumber come together in this fizzy drink to give a pickle like no other. In India, we have all sorts of pickle, most of them come laden with all sorts of spices. By definition however, pickle is just a piece of vegetable that is left in brine and acidic (vinegar) solution for a while to ferment. This delicious instant pickle recipe video that we have got you, is more on those lines, but it is sure to appease your desi heart as well.

How To Make The Instant Sprite Cucumber Pickle

Slurrp community member and homechef Chirag shows us how to make this interesting, instant pickle. To make the delish, trending summer pickle, she first slices the cucumbers very thin. You need not peel the cucumber, but the strips you slice out should be very thin. Gather all these strips together and place it in a glass container. Then add some chopped chillies, a pinch of salt, a dash of vinegar and garlic. Finally, add a botte of sprite to the container. Run a spoon around to ensure that the liquid is equally spread out. Close the container with an air-tight lid and refrigerate for one hour. Take it out after an hour, and your pickle is ready to devour.  

You can watch the complete video here.  

You can also add or omit the elements you desire. The pickle is easy and fuss-free. Do let us know how you liked it.