Pick any fruit from the basket and there’s a kulfi flavour already made with it. Since it is summer, mangoes are in season and mango kulfi is quite a hit in many parts of North India. The sweetness of the mango with a tinge of creaminess results in a popular Indian dessert i.e. kulfi. Interestingly, kulfi can be served in plenty of ways too. There’s stick kulfi, kulfi with falooda served on a plate and matka kulfi too. Served in an earthen pot, the frozen Indian dessert is set in a matka for hours before it can be scooped out and eaten. It is believed that a matka or clay pot is a cooling agent and, therefore, suitable for storing water as well as making chilled desserts like kulfi. 

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Sometimes, kulfi comes wrapped around a stick and the other times, it is broken into smaller pieces and falooda (translucent noodles) are poured over it with some sweet syrup. However, a matka kulfi not only adds fullness to the dessert, but also enhances the taste of kulfi. Have you ever tried making kulfi at home? Well, you’ve got matkas to spare, you can definitely try making matka kulfi at home. Did you know that kulfi is a frozen dessert of the Mughal era from the 16th century? 

Home chef and Slurrp Community member @tadka_mar_ke shares a quick-and-easy way to prepare this Indian version of ice cream at home. Garnished with nuts, this dairy-based dessert is a creamy treat that is best eaten during summers. Here’s the recipe for Matka Kulfi:  

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Matka Kulfi 


  • 3 cups milk 
  • 1 cup cream 
  • 2 tbsp milk powder 
  • 3/4th cup sugar 
  • Nuts (of your choice)


  1. Start by adding milk to a pan.  
  2. Next, add in some milk powder and cream.  
  3. Stir it continuously until it comes to a boil.  
  4. Once it boils, throw in chopped almonds, cashews, and dried rose petals.  
  5. Mix it well and let it cook for some more time. 
  6. Keep stirring and scrape the sides to ensure the milk mixture doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.  
  7. When the milk reduces to one-third, add sugar to it. 
  8. Combine all of this together.  
  9. Then, take a matka and pour this milk mixture into it.  
  10. Cover it with an aluminium foil and set it for at least 8-9 hours. You can also let it set overnight.  
  11. Before covering, garnish it with some more cashews and almonds. 
  12. Sprinkle some rose petals on top.  
  13. Finally, take it out and scoop out the creamy kulfi from the matka and enjoy.