Watch: Here’s How You Can Make Thai Curry With Corn Rice At Home
Image Credit: Shutterstock, A creamy curry and a corny rice dish on the side.

Whenever we dine at any Pan-Asian restaurant, you’ll notice that the menu is filled with Japanese, Chinese and Korean delicacies. What shines the most is a separate Thai section, full of their curries and dishes. The Thai fare comprises of spicy salads and boiled dishes and is really flavourful. The origins of Thai cuisine can be traced back to the Chinese emigrants who settled in Thailand, moving from the southern provinces of China. The Thai cuisine is about 1,400 years old. The highlight of any Thai meal is the fact that it combines all the five important flavours i.e. sweet, spicy, sour, salty and bitter in one dish. 

The art of combining contrasting flavours, like mango with lime, is simply magical when it comes to Thai cuisine. It is the Thai curries that are my favourite. The rich flavour of coconut milk added to these curries, along with aromatic herbs to season the dish and make them fragrant is what makes them so unique. Usually paired with steamed rice, the best flavour of the curry can be retained when the rice is plain so that it doesn’t spoil the palate for the curry. However, home chef Sonia Sarpal has managed to give us a delectable and heart-warming recipe of Thai curry with corn rice. 

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