Warm Indian Sweets To Relish During Winter
Image Credit: gulab jamun/ pinterest.com

As the weather cools, the desire for warm foods only grows. Local halwais and sweet stores are stocked with everything you need to eat this winter, not only to stay warm but also to rekindle your romance with all the seasonally appropriate traditional Indian sweets that are only available at this time of year. In addition to being delectable, the halwas and gajaks demand your attention right away because they offer much-needed warmth during this chilly weather.

Moong dal halwa

Everyone enjoys moong ki dal ka halwa in the winter because of the abundance of pure ghee and the warmth it offers. This ghee-filled delicacy requires a lot of work to prepare, but it is worth it. Additionally, it has a lengthy shelf life, making it portable and suitable for consumption at any time of day.

You have the opportunity to choose from a choice of fresh and eye-catching fruits and vegetables as winter approaches. Carrots are one of these vegetables; as the weather cools, the brilliant crimson joys make way for some incredible gajar-ka-halwa. Nothing compares to the allure of the exquisite halwa made with grated gajar, milk, khoya, and sugar. 

Til ladoo

This classic ladoo is created with toasted sesame seeds, crushed peanuts, jaggery, and cardamom to make it irresistibly delectable. As an added bonus, it contains a tonne of ghee to enhance the flavour and scent. The sticky ladoo has a hot potency that will keep you warm and comfortable this winter, making it a fantastic winter food.

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A traditional Indian cookie-like treat called naan-khatai is made from maida, or all-purpose flour, sooji, or semolina, butter or ghee, powdered sugar, and garnishes of cardamom and pistachios. Bake these cookies and have them whenever you choose, particularly after meals.

Gondh ke ladoo

You are mistaken if you believed that gondh ke ladoo is only a nutritious medical treatment for expectant women or new mothers. Anyone wishing for a sweet delight can consume this warming treat. You'll want more of this treat, which was made with wheat flour, edible gum, sugar, ghee, melon seeds, almonds, elaichi, and other ingredients.