Want To Make Spongy Dhoklas? Here Are Some Tips For You!
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The traditional dhokla frequently comes to mind when Gujarati cuisine is mentioned. This cake-like, airy, and savoury dish is frequently consumed for breakfast or even as a snack. People of all ages like it, and it is widely accessible across the nation. Making them is not an easy feat, either. When creating dhoklas, the most frequent issue is that they come out dry and hard. Making sure they are pliable and supple can be difficult. The advice we're giving you today will be useful the next time you want to prepare this Gujarati delicacy. Check out the following advice:

Mix Sooji

Use a mixture of sooji and besan as the initial step in making sure your dhoklas come out soft and spongy. A tiny amount of powdered sooji is added to the batter to give it a beautiful texture and aid in the creation of fluffy pastries. Next, make sure that the besan and sooji are properly sifted. Although it's frequently skipped, this step is crucial for preventing lumps in your batter. Additionally, it makes it lighter by aiding in aeration.

dhokla/ pinterest.com

Avoid using too much water while combining the batter. If you do, your batter will lose its shape and consistency because it will become too wet. Only add enough water to thoroughly blend the ingredients.

Keep it aside for 30 minutes

Give the batter around 25 to 30 minutes to rest before whisking. This gives it a fluffy texture and aids in triggering beneficial bacteria. Additionally, it aids in eliminating any last bits of batter lumps.

Baking soda

After that, very carefully mix in the baking soda or fruit salt to the batter. You won't get the best results if you whisk it for a very long time. Once all of the ingredients have been thoroughly blended, pour them into a tray and steam them over high heat.