Want To Curb Sugar Cravings? See What An Expert Says

If you have a sweet tooth, you know that staying away from sugar and sugary treats is quite impossible. Sugary cravings are common. Did you know that despite the fact that sugar is satiating to the taste buds, it can lead to frequent blood sugar rises and can lead to negative side effects, such as anxiety, exhaustion and irritation. Most importantly, excess sugar consumption can affect weight and can even lead to severe heart diseases. Recently, nutritionist Lovneet Batra took to Instagram and shared her views.  

In the post shared by nutritionist Lovneet Batra, it was stated that “Sugar cravings are extremely common. They are driven by your brain’s need for a “reward” — not your body’s need for food. However, if you find yourself experiencing sugar cravings regularly or feel out of control around sweet foods, then it’s worth taking a closer look at your diet”. 

Video credits: The Yoga Institute/YouTube

Let us know about 4 simple tips that you must keep in mind to prevent sugar cravings. Have a look! 

Don’t Follow A Diet That Puts You Off Balance  

One should stop focusing on the diet that makes you deficient in essential nutrients. As per nutritionist Lovneet Batra, when the body lacks certain minerals which helps in the regulation of insulin levels, it could lead to unwanted sugar cravings. So, you must have a balanced diet and avoid a low-calorie diet. 

Try Having More Healthy Fats In The Diet 

Fats can help increase satiety levels and slow down the conversion of foods into sugar in the bloodstream. It can help in balancing the blood sugar levels and can combat sugar cravings too, said Lovneet Batra in the post. One should make ghee, mustard oil, nuts and seeds a part of their everyday diet. 

Start A Plant Based Diet 

Plant-based foods such as lentils and beans have a high content of protein, fiber, zinc as well as magnesium. Such healthy foods can help in keeping the blood sugar levels steady and help you battle sugar cravings. According to nutritionist Lovneet Batra, deficiency of minerals like zinc and magnesium may lead to sugar cravings.

Take Adequate Sleep 

Do you realize how essential it is to have adequate sleep? In adequate quality sleep can lead to increasing the cravings for calories and quick energy in the form of simple sugars. Thus, it is essential to have a proper and uniform sleep cycle.  

Adding to this, nutritionist Batra said, “And, remember, breaking the sugar habit takes time and patience. Be kind to yourself and celebrate small victories along the way”.