Vodka And Whiskey In A Health War! Find Out Who Wins It
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Those who like to add boozy buzz to their relaxation or celebration sometimes fret over the health impacts of these heady beverages. Often confusion arises to choose between vodka and whiskey. While a few votes for vodka as a healthier booze, the other school of thought vouch for whiskey. In a perennial health war between vodka and whiskey which one wins, to get the answer, one needs to get to the bottom of these two drinks and understand their composition and character.

Vodka and whisky are well appreciated for their distinct flavours. Both require heating, fermentation, and distillation throughout the manufacturing process, which is relatively similar. These two alcoholic beverages are entirely different despite having many things in common. One is light, whilst the other is heavier. 

Vodka's scores

One such alcoholic beverage with a reputation for being healthy is vodka. It can be used effectively in an infinite number of ways. Vodka contains fewer calories because its significant ingredients are water and spirit. As a result, it is beneficial for those who are on a weight loss programme.

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It also does a good job of reducing the signs and symptoms of numerous inflammatory illnesses. It is also an excellent antiseptic, among other things. Vodka is a clean alcoholic beverage minus impurities and thus regarded as a better drink from a health perspective.

Whiskey's score

The fermentation of crops, including wheat, barley, and rye, produces whisky. A malting technique is used on the grains. In order to make the grains suitable for creating whisky, they are employed from scratch, which means that they are individually steeped, grown, and sprouted before being pulverized. For the ultimate whisky flavour, the residual liquid is then heated, fermented, distilled, and aged for years in oak barrels. However, whiskey contains few calories. However, given the inclusion of various additional combinations, whisky is less healthful than vodka.

Hangover meter

Which of these two will leave you with the nastiest hangover? How quickly and for how long you become intoxicated depends largely on the degree of congeners or admixtures. The likelihood that you will feel worse the next day increases with the quantity of congeners in the alcoholic drink. Vodka has fewer admixtures or congeners, increasing your likelihood of being sober the next day. Vodka will make you inebriated more quickly than mixed drinks. However, it still has the advantage of producing light hangovers. This is due to vodka's thorough fermentation and many distillations. As a result, it's a drink that won't give you a nasty hangover.

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Whiskey, in contrast, is a stronger drink that will completely overpower your senses. Furthermore, because whisky is not double- or triple-distilled like vodka, its admixtures are higher, leaving you to lament guzzling it the next day.

From the pointers mentioned above about vodka and whiskey, we leave it to you to decide which is the winner of the health battle. Nevertheless, we also like to say that drinking any alcoholic beverage in moderation is always recommended.