Vitamin C Rich Fruits For Glowing Skin
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Vitamin C is your best friend if you want to shine with perfection! Either indulge in a citrus extravaganza or eat a meal laden with vegetables. Therefore, squeeze an orange to get that flushed appearance or bite into some broccoli. You will get rid of fine wrinkles, as each mouthful will bring your skin closer to being smoother. We've compiled a list of five fruits that will give your skin the protection and renewal it needs to make it the perfect travel companion. So get ready to eat your way to a soft, supple complexion that deserves compliments.


This tart fruit is well renowned for its ability to maintain youthful-looking skin. It contains vitamin C, which encourages collagen synthesis, improving the skin's suppleness. That's how orange combats ageing symptoms. Additionally, the luscious fruit's citric acid prevents breakouts and eliminates excess oiliness. Consuming this fruit on a regular basis will help maintain a clear complexion. So, this is that secret fruit to retain your youth, year on year. 

Kiwi Fruit

Kiwis are enriched with vitamin C, a perfect ingredient to improve skin appearance. While kiwis are delicious to your taste, they also help your body eliminate impurities. The vitamin C content in this fruit works as an ideal laxative, clearing the digestive tract and protecting the skin from boils and acne. When coupled with the flesh, the kiwi's fibrous peel, which contains high quantities of Vitamin E, is the best thing you can give your skin.


This tropical fruit is no less than nature's magic. It is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C. All you need is a glass of fresh pineapple juice, and you are sorted. The perks include an even and radiant complexion, protection against UV damage, and improved skin tone. It also keeps the acne at bay. Additionally, it gives the skin a youthful covering and prevents cells from ageing. Add a few drops of lemon juice to this tart syrup to increase its potency and maximise its health benefits.


Want healthy skin? Then, look no further than a glass of strawberry juice. This sweet-tangy fruit is a good source of potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C. These minerals and nutrients work as a deep cleanser for the skin. They also tone rashes, soothe and shield the skin from the sun's harmful rays. The primary component for removing dead skin cells is an alpha-hydroxy acid, which is also included in this citrus snack. For supple skin, swear by strawberries. 


Don't restrict the use of tomatoes for cooking. These fruits are famed for their prowess as sunscreen. The Vitamin C content is incredibly high in tomatoes. So instead of wasting money on expensive creams and serums, protect your skin from the harmful UV rays by sipping a glass of freshly churned tomato juice. The fruit's lycopene functions as a natural sunblock. Plus, the anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce swelling and redness. Apart from being a wonder fruit for your skin, tomatoes can also lower the risk of developing several chronic illnesses.