Visiting Vellore? Try These 6 Spots For The Tastiest Biryani
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Vellore, a bustling city in northern Tamil Nadu, is known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and mouthwatering cuisine. Located on the banks of the Palar River, this ancient city was once the capital of the Pallava and Chola kingdoms. From ancient forts to aromatic biryanis, Vellore offers visitors a sneak peek into Tamil culture and cuisine. Its rich history combined with mouthwatering food makes Vellore a must-visit destination for anyone interested in discovering the cultural treasures of Tamil Nadu.  

When in Vellore, one simply cannot miss out on sampling its famous biryani, called the Arcot biryani. From humble street-side stalls to high-end restaurants, you'll find people relishing this rice dish. Lose yourself in the rich textures and mouthwatering flavours of biryani. Let the savoury, fragrant rice transport you.   

Explore through the lanes of Vellore and taste six types of delicious biryanis.  

Nawabi Biryani 

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Every bite of Nawabi's biryani explodes with complex flavours. Locals flock here daily to get their fix of this comforting, flavourful dish that is deeply rooted in the culture and identity of the city. Every batch of biryani tells a story of Vellore's history and heritage through its spices. This nawabi biryani is served with mint raita for a complete taste.  

Restaurant Recommendations: The Vellore Kitchen, Near, Green Cir, Thottapalayam, Vellore  

Type: Non-Vegetarian  

Budget: ₹200–600, approx.   

Ulavacharu Special Biryani  Image Credits: Freepik

Vellore's famous Ulavacharu biryani is a dish you must try when visiting this historic city. This aromatic rice dish gets its unique flavour from horsegram broth or water, small cubes of mutton, spices like cardamom and cloves, and fresh mint leaves. Locals will tell you that the secret to its delicious taste is because cooked horse gram water is used to prepare the biryani. It is usually eaten with gravy, for a full meal experience. 

Restaurant Recommendations: Swagath Dine In, opposite the 3rd gate of VIT University, Vaibhav Nagar, Katpadi, Vellore  

Type: Non-Vegetarian  

Budget: ₹200–400 approx.  

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani  Image Credits: Freepik

The irresistible aroma of Hyderabadi chicken biriyani fills the air in Vellore. Made with fragrant basmati rice, tender chicken pieces, and a blend of spices, biriyani is a culinary treasure that brings people together over shared meals. way it is cooked. The speciality of the biryani is the style of cooking it. It is slowly cooked over dum, cooking in it owns juices along with aromatic spices. The mouthwatering rice dish evokes memories of home and community in this historic south Indian city. Eat it hot with green chutney, and enjoy the flavours melting into your mouth. 

Restaurant Recommendations: Andhra Spice, VIT Main Rd., Vaibhav Nagar, Katpadi, Vellore  

Type: Non-Vegetarian  

Budget: ₹200–400, approx.  

Mutton Biryani With Egg  Image Credits: Freepik

This biryani is layered meticulously with aromatic spices and raw eggs. When an egg is nestled into the biryani, it adds a burst of protein richness. This biryani is typically accompanied by mirch salan, which adds a flavourful kick to each bite. The intermingling flavours and aromas of this biryani connect the people of Vellore through generations.   

Restaurant Recommendations: Jothi Briyani , CMC Hospital, 65, Bangalore Road, Near Old Bus Stand, Near Vellore  

Type: Non-Vegetarian  

Budget: ₹200–400, approx.  

Mutton Biryani Image Credits: Freepik

Mutton biryani is the beloved spicy dish of Vellore, Tamil Nadu. The marinated mutton is roasted along with spices, for this biryani and then layer of saffron milk infused rice is placed in a deep potted clay vessel. This biryani is cooked in handi to enhance the flavour of the mutton. Locals savour every morsel of the flavourful biryani with brinjal curry. The tangy tomato gravy complements the aromatic rice dish perfectly. This combo is sure to excite your taste buds!. Its complex layers of flavour represent the diverse culinary heritage of the region. With each bite of mutton biryani, you taste the very soul of Vellore.  

Restaurant Recommendations: Amma Biriyani, 29, 40, Mandi St., Near Old Bus Stand, Balaji Nagar, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004  

Type: Non-Vegetarian  

Budget: ₹200–350, approx. 

Chicken Dum Biryani Image Credits: Freepik

This biryani features a mouthwatering blend of aromatic spices, tender chicken pieces, and fluffy basmati rice for an unforgettable meal. Families in Vellore often cook chicken biryani for special occasions and festivals. This dum biryani comes with a chettinad egg curry, as the mild spice curry bleands well with the biryani and tastes delicious.blen Chicken biryani is beloved in Vellore for its savoury taste and because it brings people together over a hearty meal. This rice dish represents the diverse culinary traditions that are a source of pride in Vellore.  

Restaurant Recommendations: Bandhi Biryani, 34/1 A, Opp to CMC Out Gate, Katpadi Main Rd, Vellore  

Type: Non-Vegetarian  

Budget: ₹200–400, approx.