Visiting Kashmir: Try These Kashmiri Street Foods Once
Image Credit: iStock

Kashmir the eternal beauty, also can be called a paradise dressed in white, has always been on top of every travellers wish list. The simplicity of this place with which it will embrace you is just amazing. One can be sure to find that piece of nature in the most natural way. This absolute beauty on earth is also known for its varied street food that it has too offer. From the all time favourite wazwan to winter delicacy of harissa or the famous street food of Kashmir is an absolute storehouse not only for art and culture but also for great food. So, if you are visiting Kashmir stop counting your calories and indulge in to this absolute delight. This food lover’s heaven will surely not disappoint you. 

The Hazartbal area of Srinagar is known for the shrine which houses the holy relic of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is also famous for its bylanes which serves variety of traditional Kashmiri Street food it has to offer. The same food is almost to be found in all the markets too. 

Let us take your through the streets of Kashmir, discovering the delightful street food, the local snacks of Kashmir.

Nader Monje

Nadir Monje or deep-fried lotus stem fritters that are crunchy makes for an absolute all-time favourite street food from Kashmir. Nadir is the other name for lotus stem. The lotus stems are cut length wise and then dipped in rice flour batter and deep fried in oil. You normally need to boil the stem before frying due to their hard texture. It goes best with walnut chutney that’s much prominent in Kashmir. 

Seekh Tujj (Barbequed Mutton or beef)

The yummiest of all the street-foods, tujj means minced mutton or beef that is cooked over hot red embers using skewers. Winters are best to enjoy these and you get the best at busy Khayam Chowk. Served with a variety of chutneys along with Lavasa -the traditional Kashmiri bread. This Kashmiri street side delight is marinated with fresh spices and the mixed the meat is left for sometime for the spices to soak in. The mutton or katt-e-maaz claims to be the finest of the seek-e-tujje. 

Masaal Tchot

Another Kashmiri street food much unique in its own way. Masal’e Tchot is that non greasy street foods that is cooked by a hawker who aims to sell it outside schools, colleges. Almost like pita wrap this one is enjoyed warm. It’s simply flatbread lavasa that is stuffed with mushy peas and spicy hot radish chutney and raita.

Khand Gazir

Bright and colourful candies made from flour dough and ghee and then dipped in sugar syrup is purely guilt binge.  Crispy and a little chewy this traditional snack these are perfect to satisfy your sweet cravings

Halwa Paratha 

Halwa paratha makes for an exotic yet simple street food that be found very frequently on the streets. Halwa is made from Sooji (Semolina) and the Parath is made from flour. This paratha is actually huge with a 3ft diameter. This is something that every Kashmiri loves to buy. It’s supposed to be eaten hot and the mild sweetness of the paratha makes it much desirable.