Visiting Amritsar This Winter? Don't Miss These 6 Iconic Foods
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It is no secret that Punjabis are true food lovers who like both eating food and feeding people. One can try some of the most authentic north Indian dishes like butter chicken, kulchas and parathas when in Punjab. Amritsar, which is home to the Golden Temple is one of the most famous tourist attractions in India. It is a great destination if you want to try authentic Punjabi cuisine. There are so many places where you can try different types of Punjabi food like kulchas, lassi, phirnis and jalebis. Let's look at some of the top must-have Amritsari food which you must try while visiting the city.

1. Langar

Going to Amritsar and not tasting the oh-so-famous Langar of Golden Temple is such a bummer. Generally, the Golden Temple is a lot busier during night time so it is recommended to go early in the morning and offer your prayers after which you can have the Langar. The Langar food is simple and hearty. You will be offered a complete meal of dal, sabji, roti and rice. There is also a sweet dish almost every day. Also, you must take the delectable Kara Prasad after taking blessings from the Golden Temple. One bite of Kara Prasad is enough to transport you to heaven.

2. Amritsari Kulcha

The famous Amritsari Kulcha doesn't need any introduction. Any person who has never even been to Punjab would know kulcha is the top speciality of Amritsar. There are so many famous places near Golden Temple and Amritsar railway station that you can try to have authentic Amritsari Kulcha. The famous Kesar Dhaba and Bharava Da Dhaba are very popular among tourists who visit Amritsar. Kulcha Land at Ranjeet Avenue is also famous for offering authentic Amritsari Kulcha.

3. Sweet Lassi

Lassi is a synonymous name for the whole of Punjab. Punjab is the land where people use dairy products like yoghurt, ghee, cream milk etc as a very important part of their everyday meal preparation. This is why the variety of Lassi that you will find in Amritsar will be very rich and heavy. A glass of lassi is enough to give you energy for at least a couple of hours. The Ahuja milk Bhandar in Amritsar is very famous for its variety of Lassis. The glass is so tall that it will be hard for you to finish it all by yourself. It also has a lot of malai so you must drink and eat it simultaneously. 

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4. Phirni

Phirni is another dessert made from dairy products. While exploring the market near Golden Temple, you will see a lot of vendors selling phirni in the local market nearby. It is mixed with dry fruit and has a very subtle flavour of sweetness. You can easily eat a huge quantity of this sweet because it is not at all heavy and doesn't give you a sugar rush. Also, since it is served cold, you can just eat it casually while exploring the market and window shopping.

5. Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is a celebrated Punjabi dish. It was originally invented by the Punjabi population living in Delhi and became popular throughout the world. It is only fair that by being in the heart of Punjab, you try the true flavours of butter chicken and other non-vegetarian cuisine. The Beera Chicken House is very famous for its huge variety of chicken delicacies. We will also try the Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner which is famous for the most scrumptious Fish tikka. The fish is freshly taken from the Beas. The fishes are tender from the inside and crunchy from the outside. 

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6. Parathas

Parathas in Amritsar are very heavy and made in Tandoor. These parathas are served with homemade white butter and a lot of curd. You can also enjoy the mixed fruit and vegetable pickle served along with these parathas. It is a great breakfast option for those who like having a heavy breakfast. The parathas are crunchy and have substantial stuffing. You can try different types of parathas, including Aloo Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Mix Paratha, Paneer Paratha, and many others. Brother's Dhaba and Pal Da Dhaba are popular for their parathas. 

Although Amritsar has innumerable food places and types that you can explore, these are some of the top ones that you should not miss out on. It is a food heaven for people who like having heavy North Indian cuisine and do not fear taking those extra calories.