Visited This Village That's Named After A Sweet?
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Food and travel go hand in hand. It’s always the case that when you are travelling you can’t ignore the amazing food that you get in that area/locality. But there are times you travel to a place to which is famous for something that you can gorge on. One such place is Rabri gram. Yes this quaint little village in Hoogly District in West Bengal, that’s named after the famous sweet “Rabri” is popular as most of the inhabitants here are Rabri maker and seller. 

Ainya, as the real name of the village goes is interestingly famous for Rabri. Wikipedia happens to define Rabri as a sweet that’s made with boiling the milk in low heat and reducing it to a thick creamy texture. And the milk is reduced the colour too changes too pale yellow. This dessert is cherished in most part of the country. As you enter the village the aroma of milk being boiled and cooked fills the air. 

The entry to the village is very rustic and as you walk in you could see kids playing around and trust me when I say that any house that you walk in will not disappoint you with the taste and quality of Rabri. Most of the Rabri from here come to Kolkata to various shops where it’s sold. Not many know that Rabri supposedly came to Bengal from Varanasi and the history if this sweet can be traced back to Chandi mangala around 1400 AD. With most kitchens smelling of Rabri this village is runs on making rabri. The whole process is very tiring and takes a lot of effort. As the milk is boiled to thicken it, someone has to constantly fan it from above. Sounds tedious right? This process takes hours and the final outcome is totally worth the effort and wait. The cost of Rabri is around Rs 300/kg here. 

So next time looking for a day trip from Kolkata visit this place for some sweet notes.