Visit These Food Markets When You Go To Europe
Image Credit: Photo: Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

If you had to spend one day in any of the following cities, do not miss the chance to explore the food markets that offer an amazing variety of fresh produce. Going to food markets is one of the hobbies of Michelin-star chefs.

1. Paris: Rungis International Market

When you think of Paris, good wine and food bring satisfaction. But it is in the food markets where most chefs find the best meat and cheese to use. So if you want to eat something delicious straight from the source, pick up a bag and head to the Rungis International Market. However, it is such a popular place that one has to make reservations before going. So stay agile and book fast. The experience is out of the world. Check out the newest trends in the F&B industry in person. They certainly await your arrival.   

2. London: Borough Market

The famous Borough food market in London has become an institution of sorts, where you’ll see the unbeatable vibe and the great array of lip-smacking food options. This is a pilgrimage for you, so it is absolutely recommended that you spend two days exploring the market.  


3. Florence: Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo

You are in Italy. The only way to la dolce vita — go eat all the gelato and pizza you can! (increase the content. Add at least 2-3 lines more about the place). Many artisanal products such as olive oil, wine, and cheese are brought to the heart of Florence for sale from all parts of Italy.  


4. Helsinki: Kauppatori Market Square

In Finland, visiting the Kauppatori market square is one of the most highly recommended experiences. It is a charming outdoor location. Whilst you stand witness to an amazing variety of food, also remember that there are ferries which leave from the port of Helsinki. Yes, you read that correctly. This is a harborside market.

Whilst there are a plethora of dining scenes around the world, there is something really raw about exploring food markets just to stare at the sheer variety of produce. So visit these food heavens as soon as possible!