Visit These 5 Best Themed Restaurants In Delhi For An Exciting Dining Experience

Delhi is widely known as Dilli Dilwalon ki (Delhi belongs to the large-hearted). Being the capital of the subcontinent, it is packed with a diverse culture which is reflected in people's eating habits. Delhiites are absolutely foodies and always in search of wonderful eating outlets. A fine dining experience doesn't only require good food but also a delightful setting. This is the idea which gave rise to various themed restaurants in Delhi and other parts of the world too. It is kind of hard to keep a track of eating outlets and restaurants opening in the city every week with quirky and innovative themes. We have compiled a list of the 5 best-themed restaurants in town which will not only give you gastronomical delights but will also enthral you with their unique ambiance.

1. Social Offline Café

Social Offline Cafe is a great place to hang out with friends and family. It has a nice modern and chic interior which gives this place a cozy feel. Social Offline Cafe is a blend of cafe and workplace which can be thought of as a work-bar. It has rightly earned the tag of one of the best cafes in Delhi to go to owing to its super consistent food quality, alluring cocktails, fabulous music, and the most wonderful ambiance that will make you wanna stay there forever. If the sole reason didn’t convince you then you should check this place out of curiosity as the Bollywood flick “Tamasha” was also shot here.

2. Lights Camera Action

Get ready for ‘Lights Camera Action’. It’s actually not a cue to start acting but a restaurant's name. The place might give you the feel of a real Bollywood setting. It is crawling with filmy dialogues and posters of some iconic movies. The menu card of this café is also cleverly tailored to go along with the theme of B-town drama. If you are a die-hard fan of Bollywood movies this is a place to be.

3. Central Perk

'So, no one told you, life was gonna be this way....' (Three claps!)." If you know the tune of this song, then you are a self-acclaimed F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan. Delhi’s Central Perk is a restaurant that truly takes you to the NYC café, portrayed in the internationally acclaimed sitcom, FRIENDS. The famous orange sofa will make you go down the memory lane of your favourite comical show. Come with your friends here and make a memory of your own on that sofa just like the sitcom characters.

4. Hogwarts Kafe

Potterheads, where are you? This place is a heaven for all the Potterheads who want to experience the mystical world of the Harry Potter series. The opening gate itself begins with the Chamber Of Secrets leading to the seating area. The place is filled with the Harry Potter props such as Sorting Hat, magic wands, spooky dementors, Gringotts’ goblins and many more. If you are furious that you haven’t received your wizardry letter from Hogwarts, then you should surely give a visit to the Hogwarts Kafe.

5. Tabula Beach Café

Missing beach? Tabula Beach Café can be your closest place to go to in order to get the beach vibe. The café is designed in a way that it actually feels like you are on an exotic vacation. It is a perfect place to spend the weekends. Tabula Beach Café has a relaxing feel that's therapeutic for some.