Arpita Aditi Locks Joint Deal Of ₹2 Cr In Shark Tank India

‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, is a well-known proverb that stands absolutely true. A good meal can make anyone’s day and one can never say no to the regional dishes of India. Besides enjoying homecooked food, it is also a trend to order online through delivery apps. Nowadays, the restaurants try their best to serve the guests with authentic delicacies that can make you feel at home.  

The Indian food industry is growing very fast, and this field has opened doors for lots of innovations and entrepreneurs. The scope is not just limited to kitchens and the best example of this can be seen in a recent episode of the Indian television series Shark Tank Season 3. Arpita Aditi, a Bangalore-based virtual restaurant operator brought the diverse flavours of India on the stage with her amazing brand called Dil Foods. Watch the full episode here. 

Founded in the year 2022, Dil Foods has joined hands with over 65 local restaurants in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Arpita, a biotech engineer from MIT pitched for an investment of 50 lacs in exchange for 0.5% equity stake but the judges were so impressed with her that she got the deal of ₹2 crore from Radhika Gupta, Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal and Ritesh Agarwal in exchange of 2.67% equity.  

Dil Foods boasts eight virtual brands including Dil Punjabi, Aahar, The Chaat Cult, House of Andhra, Bihari Bowl, Bhole ke Chole, and Khichdi Bar. Each of them offers an authentic taste and flavour of regional India. While talking to the Shark Tank judges Arpita also served them some desi dishes from her brand namely peri peri khichdi, Banarasi chaat, Paharganj wale chole khulche, Andhra tray, tamatar chaat, kadhi-chawal and litti chokha.  

All of them loved the food and appreciated her business and leadership qualities. Talking about her experience in the show, the founder and CEO of Dil Foods said, “Appearing on Shark Tank India was an exhilarating experience; the sharks, my lifelong idols, provided insightful suggestions and affirmations that fuel our determination to tirelessly build a truly remarkable business. The invaluable insights and support from the sharks are propelling our mission to establish a sustainable and profitable restaurant ecosystem nationwide. Shark Tank India served as a dynamic platform for Dil Foods, connecting us with millions of restaurant owners and reigniting the belief that they are not alone in their pursuit of profitability.”