Viral: World’s Largest Whisky Bottle Auctioned Off At 1.1 Million Pounds
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Lyon & Turnbull

Of late, we have seen many different types of records being made. But the ones that amaze us each time are those defying the laws of physics by creating bigger versions of almost everything, especially in the food space. Be it growing the largest mango or watermelon to making the biggest pizza, the trend keeps getting bigger and more bizarre with each passing day. This is exactly what happened last year when Guinness World Records announced the existence of the largest bottle of whisky in the world.  

Known as the ‘Intrepid’, the bottle was filled last year with 311 litres of whisky, which is equivalent to roughly 444 bottles of whisky. This special bottle stands tall with a height of 5 feet and 11 inches! Now, isn’t that amazing?  

The bottle was officially filled on September 9 2021, breaking the world record. And it is now officially the largest bottle of whisky to have been auctioned off at the whopping price of 1.1 million British pounds (1.4 million US Dollars). Auction house Lyon & Turnball hosted the sale of this record-breaking bottle, which was sold on May 25, 2022 to an international collector and described the whisky as pale gold in colour along with sweet notes of apple. Take a look:

Wondering which whisky does the bottle contain? According to Lyon & Turnball, the bottle carries 1989 Macallan single malt that has been aged for 32 years in oak cases at Macallan’s Scotland distillery.  

The ‘Intrepid’ project, after which the whisky is named, is a collaboration between Fah Mai and Rosewin Holdings, the two investment companies that are dedicated to the spirit and experience of exploration. It also celebrates the achievements of explorers in all fields including Olly Hicks, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Will Copestake, Dwayne Fields and Karen Darke. 

What did you think of the world’s largest bottle being sold? After reading this, if you are craving some whisky cocktails, we’ve got you covered: 

1. Old Fashioned 

True to its name, the Old Fashioned is known to be one of the oldest alcoholic drinks. In fact, historians claim that the drink was first developed at the Pendennis Club in Louisville Kentucky in the 1880s. The recipe for the cocktail was also brought to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel bar in New York by bartender James E Pepper. Whisky stirred with Angostura bitters is one cocktail you cannot get over. 

2. Irish Coffee 

Bring your love for coffee and whiskey together with this interesting blend with some added cream and sugar. 

3. Whisky Sour 

A bit of tang, a bit of sour, whisky sour is just what you need to raise the bar at your bar. Just put in some cherries and lemon rind for garnish and you’ll have the party started. 

4. Mint Julep 

Give your cocktail a refreshing spin with mint leaves, Bourbon and sugar.