Viral: Wife Pranks Husband By Eating Raw Chicken, Except It’s Actually A Cake
Image Credit: Instagram @@kristy.sarah.

Prank videos are all the rage, and if those videos feature good food, we are all glued. One such video that is going viral, is of a woman who tries to prank her husband by eating ‘raw chicken’, that she apparently pulled out straight from the fridge. Needless to say, her husband was horrified at the act, but as the prank unfolds, he learns that it is actually a cake.

So this is how the prank plays out in the now-viral video posted by @kristy.sarah. From the start itself, we know that Kristy is holding a hyper-real cake that looks like raw chicken. “It looks so real, I am almost disgusted’, reads one of the captions in the video.  

She holds the tray containing the cake, and pretends to make lunch for her babies, and asks her husband to put the kids on a booster seat.  

“I am bout to make them a quick lunch”, she says.  

“Girl you over there cooking in the kitchen”, exclaims her husband in joy upon learning that she is planning to make a chicken pasta, a recipe she picked from TikTok.

“Chicken is so...have you ever had like raw chicken before”, Kristy asks her husband while constantly patting and smelling the chicken  

“No I have never had raw chicken”, her husband responds slightly suspiciously.  

“Idk, I just wanna...”, she continues her act.  

“Don’t do that, like you can’t play with that”, says her husband very concerningly.  

“No some people actually eat raw chicken”, she puts across a vehement argument.

“I know they do...but that doesn’t”, her husband responds and looks visibly worried

At this point, Kristy brings the tray closer to her mouth and takes the bite of the hyper-real cake, while her husband comes rushing warning her about the possible chances of her contracting salmonella, but Kristy does not stop chomping on the ‘chicken’.

“Why are you doing that..what is wrong with are going to get salmonel”, her husband squeals and laughs hysterically.

Finally, she reveals to her husband that it is a cake and both start laughing uproariously.  

Wasn’t that quite a prank? If your jaws also dropped a little watching that cake, here’s the good ol’ chocolate cake that you can treat yourself with. You can make this in less than an hour with a handful of ingredients. Try it soon and let us know how you liked it.