Viral: When Rishi Sunak Visited This Iconic Bengaluru Eatery

As the 57th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the first Indian to hold that position, Rishi Sunak makes history. For Rishi Sunak, congratulations have been pouring in over social media. Vidyarthi Bhavan was also one of those who congratulated the new PM. The restaurant published a photo of the newly elected UK PM soon after the election, but it wasn't the typical post of congratulations. An old photograph showed Rishi Sunak dining at the South Bengaluru restaurant while visiting the city and wearing casual wear. Social media is buzzing with the old photo of Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of Britain, shared by the restaurant. 

Vidyarthi Bhavan is a beloved and well-known restaurant in Bengaluru. The restaurant also shared their joy and well wishes by posting on Twitter, "#RishiSunak is going to become the next PM of UK. Happy to know that he will be the first Indian-origin & the youngest British Prime Minister.We wish him good luck & may he become the most successful PM of UK by sailing through all the turbulence”. 

Akshata Murty, the daughter of Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy and his wife Sudha Murthy, is the spouse of Sunak. Since Rishi Sunak's mother-in-law Sudha Murthy is one of the many well-known diners at Vidyarthi Bhavan, it is not surprise that Sunak stopped by the South Indian eatery while in Bengaluru. Additionally, he admitted in a Twitter Q&A in 2020 that he loves food from the south of India when it comes to Indian breakfasts rather than his north Indian roots. Well, these allusions are sufficient to demonstrate his fondness for south Indian cuisine in contrast to his other favourites.  

Since 1943, the renowned restaurant Vidhyarthi Bhavan has dominated the dosa and coffee markets. Whether you are a native Bangalorean or a newcomer to the city, you must pay a visit to this place. Venkatramana Ural, a native of Udupi, was inspired in 1943 to open a tiny restaurant specifically for the famished students of National High School and Acharya Patashala. The food was excellent, and the pricing were kept reasonable. Adults soon rushed to the location as word of the event travelled beyond the school community. Vidhyarthi Bhavan is a modest building in the middle of the bustling market, surrounded by the colourful shops of Gandhi Bazaar.You give the waitress your name and then wait in a small courtyard with other ravenous patrons. You enter and take the closest available bench. Soon, one of the servers appears with his dhoti folded up to his waist and takes your order; they never use a pen or piece of paper, yet their orders are always accurate. 

Try their Khara Bhath with chutney on top. Unlike any rava upma, it is silky and melts in your tongue. The Kesari Bhath is a vivid, neon-yellow mass that has been prepared using a lot of ghee. You'll soon be licking your spoon clean because it's so enjoyable to eat. We hope your experience at this renowned restaurant will be delightful.