Viral Video Shows An Uber Eats Driver Stealing Food From Customer’s Delivery Order
Image Credit: Image Credits: Unsplash (L) Screengrab From The Reddit Video (R)

There are times when we do not want to eat the same mundane sabzi, so we simply order in something to satiate ourselves. Ordering food also takes diligence and patience, right from choosing the food from particular café or restaurants to waiting for it with your eyes wide open, it is a long process. When we carefully open the package of our delivered food, we think that the intense packaging is done by the eateries from where we ordered and feel safe with the content and quality of the food. But this latest video that has surfaced on social media platforms might make you change your perception.

In this clip posted by u/krashtestgenius on reddit, we can see a man sitting on a pavement, with a takeout bag in his hand. At first you might think he is an ordinary man who is just resting there. On a closer look, he appears to be an Uber Eats delivery person, who very calmly opens up the order, and with his bare hands scoop out a pile of noodles and place them in a plastic Tupperware container.

He didn’t only stop after opening one package but also went on to do the same with other food containers included in the bag. In the clip we can clearly see he picks out what appears to be succulent pieces of chicken and plonks them on top of the noodles. The most detestable thing in this video would be his licking of fingers after removing food from each container and before opening the next one. The unnamed man also pours a splash of soup from the order into his container. Then in the calmest way he rummaged around in his rucksack for a stapler, resealing the food cartons and paper carrier bag. The subs on the video also suggested that the way he was doing things seems like this wasn’t his first time.

According to reports, the delivery person has reportedly been fired after this footage, for violating Uber's Community Guidelines.