Viral Video Shows An “Eggsplosion” In The Microwave; Here’s How

Talk of food experiments and the Internet is filled with viral videos of bizarre experiments. Be it charcoal dosa, Fanta Maggi, egg panipuri or chocolate manchurian, we have seen it all on social media. And it just doesn’t seem to end. The moment we feel we’ve seen it all, a new video goes viral. Experiments with eggs have also seen a massive popularity. And now, we have found a video that talks about raw eggs. Rest assured that it isn’t about a bizarre combination, but shows what happens when we try to microwave a raw egg with its shell intact. The short clip, originally recorded and shared by Instagram user with handle “Nile Red”, garnered attention after it was shared by YouTube on the photo-sharing app. The slow-motion video shows a “regular egg” being put into an active microwave and waiting for what happens next. 

Nile Red can be heard narrating the experiment, and says that he wanted to see what happens to the egg when he puts it into a microwave. “At first, it didn't look like too much was happening,” he added. Then, the egg started “sweating” and it seems a lot of pressure started to build up inside the shell, Nile said. After some more time, the egg could not hold it and burst into what can be called as an “eggsplosion”. Take a look:

 The video sure seems to be an interesting experiment, doesn’t it? People too were amused by the viral experiment and the comments section saw some hilarious comments. ““This is eggxactly what I needed to see,” wrote a user while another comment read “Imagine if that chicken who pooped this egg saw it.” “Cracked under the pressure then exploded, what a way to go,” commented another user. 

While this might be an interesting experiment, did you know you can actually boil eggs in a microwave? For starters, do not try the above experiment. But all you need to do is, put eggs in a microwave-safe bowl filled with water, add some salt to it, which would prevent the explosion you saw in the above experiment. Now heat the bowl in microwave for about 4-5 minutes. Post this, take the bowl out and let the eggs rest in hot water for a while if you need hard-boiled eggs. For soft boiled eggs, drain the hot water and put the eggs in cold water. This would stop the egg from cooking more immediately and help in allowing the egg yolks to remain runny.