Viral Video Of Magic Tricks For Endless Supply Of Chocolate Has Left Netizens Amazed

If you need an instant pick-me-up on our dreariest of days, all you need is a big bar of chocolate. One of the most sinful foods out there, chocolates can get you out of anywhere and everywhere. The sweet treat is something that most of us find difficult to get over. Whether it is a luscious lava cake or a divine death by a chocolate pastry or a simple bar of chocolate, the decadent food can lift your spirits in no time. And if we ask you whether you want an endless supply of chocolate, we know that the answer will be a big and loud ‘yes’. 

We know that it’s quite difficult for you to satisfy your cravings with just one bar of chocolate and you end up craving for just one more cube. Therefore, a YouTube channel has discovered a magic trick to get you an endless supply of chocolate.

In a YouTube video by ‘condsty’, the YouTuber is seen playing a magic trick to get an additional supply of chocolate from the same bar. The video has garnered around 16 million times till now. The 13-second clip shows how two incisions in the chocolate bar change the shape of the bar and you get an additional chunk of chocolate to savour. The trick has been existing for many years now and has managed to amaze chocolate lovers around the world.

Another YouTuber ‘Cubastic’ took to his Instagram handle to explain the magic trick. He explains how clever use of geometry fetches you an additional chunk of chocolate to enjoy. The video uploaded in June 2020 has gathered millions of views.

Are you amazed enough to try this trick at home? Do let us know if you do try it.