Viral: Uma Raghuram’s Garlic Rasam, The Perfect Winter Treat
Image Credit: Freepik

Uma Raghuram popularly known by the username Masterchefmom is a well known food influencer on Instagram. Having more than 780 K followers on Instagram, she keeps on uploading a lot of intriguing reels regarding various recipes majorly revolving around South Indian cuisine. In one of her latest Instagram reels which has gained over 100 K likes and 7.8 million views, she breaks down the recipe for Garlic Rasam. 

In the caption of the real, Uma has called this recipe her family heirloom and told the viewers that it is her father's favourite recipe. She further goes on to say that this dish was a very important part of her childhood and she has been devouring the flavours of this delicious Rasam for more than four decades now. 

At the beginning of the reel, Uma's father can be seen enjoying a good South Indian meal in typical South Indian style by eating everything on a banana leaf. There is an assortment of various dishes and he can be seen pouring some Garlic Rasam over his white rice. Uma’s father eats a bite and then goes on to fondly describe the appetising Garlic Rasam as ‘bliss’. 

Image Credits: Unsplash

Then comes Uma with the blackboard in her hand that says Garlic Rasam. She further starts preparing the Rasam by taking a deep pan and putting some water, garlic, cloves, curry, leaves, tomatoes and turmeric powder. Then she lets the whole mixture cook for 10 minutes until the water starts coming to a slow boil. After that, she adds some tamarind water, 2.5 tsp of Rasam powder and salt to taste in the mixture.

Then she covers everything with a plate and leaves it to cook for another 10 minutes. By this time the vegetables become extremely soft. She then goes on to add some boiled toor dal mixed with water in the mixture. The Rasam then starts coming to a boil, and that's when she adds some fresh coriander leaves, ghee and mustard seeds along with asafoetida. That's how she prepares the Rasam in the Instagram reel. This is a very simple and easy-to-execute recipe that can be followed to make Rasam at home.