Viral Uber Driver Impresses With Free Water Bottles And More
Image Credit: Shyamlal Yadav/Twitter

A Delhi-based Uber driver by the name of Abdul Qadeer, has won the internet’s hearts for having a well-equipped vehicle to make his customers feel comfortable. The 48-year old has set up a few shelves with a first aid kit, water bottles, refreshments as well as a donation box to collect funds for underprivileged children. A journalist who tweeted about Qadeer mentioned that he was told that the driver has hardly cancelled rides in the past seven years that he has been working for the company.

A picture of Qadeer seated in his cab shows a board with handwritten text that signifies his respect for people from all religions and backgrounds; along with shelves stocked up with snacks, beverages and water bottles – all of which are free of charge for his customers. Thanks to his warm hospitality, the internet applauded him for his generosity, with many users on Twitter taking to champion his work ethic. To add to this, Qadeer also offers free WiFi to his customers along with all the other facilities, something that he believes comes from being ‘inspired by what works well for society’. Scroll to see the reactions below.