Viral: Twitter User Claims Dosa Being ‘Baked’ In ‘Egg Water’ In Kerala, Shashi Tharoor Reacts
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Any discussion on South Indian food is never complete without the mention of dosa, isn’t that correct? Not only is dosa a comfort food for many, it can also be quite a wholesome meal. The South Indian staple has a huge fan base and the popularity has led to dosa having different variations. From classic plain to the one stuffed with egg, veggies, chicken and mutton, the list is endless. Recently, however, our favourite dosa was caught in a controversy, when a man at the Kochi Airport saw a dosa being made at an outlet that claimed it was cooked in ‘egg water’. The man took to Twitter to make the bizarre claim and garnered the attention of many people, including that of the congress leader Shashi Tharoor. 

Twitter user Manish Jain said that he was shocked to find the dosa being ‘baked in egg water’. “If you are in Chochi, kindly be aware of Airport Lounge named as Earth Lounge. They simply play with religious belief, where they use Egg water to bake South India food such as Dosa. When asked, they told its as per Standard. When asked for manual, they denied to share.” 

In the following tweet, he wrote, “Need attention of @fssaiindia your attention to intervene the same... Also Request @tourismkerala @CMOKerala @htTweets @KochiAirport. Kindly get the Practice stopped to hurt the emotions of vegetarians and Jains travelling to #Kerala.” Take a look at his full Tweet here:

 Ever since this tweet was shared, it has gotten over 3k likes and more than a thousand retweets. Many people reacted to the bizarre claim. One user tried to explain why water is sprinkled first on the pan to cool the surface down before making dosa, and wrote, “Thanda pani isn’t the same as anda pani. Water is sprinkled on the dosa pan to cool the surface down so that the batter has time to settle and the dosa cooks properly.” She further pointed out how no one would give a free egg for the price of vegetarian dosa. 

Replying to the same tweet, Tharoor wrote, “In ‘Chochi’, an outraged young vegan Reacted as if shot with a ray-gun. Hearing ‘thanda’ as ‘anda’. He ‘baked’ a huge blunder. Should have stuck to chawal & baingan!” Find his Tweet here:

 Hilarious, isn’t it? Here’s how other people reacted on the Twitter user’s post: 

“I have never been to Chochi - where is it? I also never had baked dosa - what is it? Never heard of egg water. Only yolk & white. How did you find out about egg water?” 

“Where is Chochi and what is Egg Water and what is like baking dosa.” 

“Distorted observation without ascertaining the facts. Seems there’s a confusion or communication error. Dosa is never made with egg water. It’s pure rice batter fermented to the optimum. In places where egg dosa is made, dosa is made first, and egg is poured on top.” 

“What is this egg water? If he meant egg yolk, then he probably asked for an omelette not a dosa!” “This is why you should never insist a Malayalee to speak Hindi. Thanda pani will become andaa pani.” 

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