Viral Tweet Discusses The Most ‘Cancellable’ Food Opinions; Take A Look
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Do you think cheese is overrated or feel that peanut butter is overused? Perhaps, you have a favourite food combination that others may find bizarre. Well, when it comes to food, we all have our own views. But there are certain food opinions that are considered by practically everyone. Chocolate, for instance, is enjoyed universally across age groups and geographical locations. On the other hand, there are some food items that some people tend to have differences over, making them controversial foods that seem to be liked by most people, but not tolerated by others. So, when a recent viral tweet curated these very ideas and asked foodies online to share their most controversial or ‘cancellable’ food opinions, foodies from across the world joined in, and the thread is definitely a shocking read.  

The original tweet shared by user @trichesfaucons, who posted it on the micro-blogging platform on April 5, went viral within a few days clocking in 55k likes and 94k quote tweets. "We're cancelling each other over food takes today. Post your cancellable food take," wrote the user in the viral tweet. Take a look at the tweet here:


The tweet garnered a whole lot of reactions and a number of interesting responses poured into the prompt. From food pairings to condiments, fruits to food combinations, the thread covered all the possible controversial and ‘cancellable’ food takes out there. “From Cereal plus coffee is perfectly fine”, wrote one user while another said, “Pears are awful apples. Who would pick a pear over an apple? Not me”. “Mint & chocolate do not belong together" and “soy sauce in mac n cheese. Not a ton but a nice little touch” were also some of the responses. Green olives, bell peppers, pickles, peanut butter and white chocolate were some of the other foods disliked by Twitter users. Someone also wrote how the expensive luxury ingredient truffle oil was seriously overrated. What do you think? 

Take a look at some of the 'cancellable' food opinions shared in the viral tweet:&nbs

Do you have a food opinion that could be seriously controversial? Let us know.