Viral: Turkish Chef Cuts Cucumber Under Water; Stuns Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Burak Özdemir

Seems like we are never getting bored in life as long as social media exists. And no talent will ever go to waste. A one-stop place for everything, social media is one place where people showcase their talents, follow their passions, document their journeys and what not. Among this pool of content, we often come across things that are outright bizarre, and often make you think why would anyone try something like that? But well, for them it could be a unique way to go viral, attracting millions of viewers. Food videos including bizarre food combinations, recipes and kitchen tips and tricks are a hit online. Recently, one such bizarre video of Turkish chef CZN Burak has been going viral, and the reason is sure to stun you. The chef was seen casually cutting cucumbers under water. Yes, you read that right! 

Also known as Burak Ozdemir, CZN is a popular chef from Turkey who has attracted many people because of his cooking techniques in the past as well. With a solid 33 million following on Instagram, the chef is extremely popular for his unique videos. Be it making food in big portions or cooking in various absurd locations, CZN has done it all. And his recent stint is no different. In a video he shared on Instagram, you can spot him underwater with a chopping board, knife and cucumbers.  

The chef stunned his followers online when he had his eyes wide open, looking directly at the camera as he chopped the cucumbers deep under water. Following the short clip of him chopping cucumbers, the chef also added a host of popular clips of shocking reactions online. Take a look at the unique video:

Isn’t that simply amazing? The video has garnered 27 million views already with more than 2 million likes and thousands of comments! Many people were left shocked by his stunt. Someone wrote, "Burak, bro you are crazy." Another person said, "Wow, how do you do these things?" A person also said, "Oh my God, this is crazy!" Adding to these comments, a user wrote, "Oh God! You are legendary Burak."  "Man mermaid" and "Aquaman" were also some of the words people used to describe him in the comments. Others have reacted to the video by using heart emojis. 

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