Viral: Tried The Viral Dalgona Candy From OTT Show Squid Games? Here’s The Recipe!
Image Credit: Image: Facebook- The Dessert Museum

Korean culture has left most of us hooked, isn’t it? Right from their songs, celebrities, cuisine, fashion or TV shows, people across the world just can’t seem get over any of it. And the rising popularity of the latest South Korean OTT show ‘Squid Games’ is a proof of that. One of the many reasons why the show is making headlines is that it introduced us to the Dalgona candy. This treat is a Korean candy that is very popular among Korean children since a game is played with it, similar to what is shown in the show. And Squid Games just made it popular across the world.

Also known as Korean honeycomb toffee, this is a hard candy with a texture like that of honeycomb and is made of sugar and baking soda. It is commonly sold by street-vendors in South Korea and in the show, contestants were seen carving out a symbol on a sugar candy called ‘Dalgona’ without cracking the piece. Different shapes can be etched on it using a cookie cutter. In fact, that is what the game in Korean culture is about. The children are often challenged to cut the shape out of the candy without breaking it using a needle. If one is successful, then the street vendor gives a second candy as a reward. This game became even more popular in 'Squid Games'. 

Ever since then, fans of the show across the world can't get enough of it and are looking for ways to make it at home. Chef Saransh Goila seems to have got the hint and shared an easy recipe to do so! Now you too can enjoy the sweet treat from Korea at home!

Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila, who keeps sharing quick and easy recipes on his social media took to Instagram to share the recipe of viral Dalgona candy. The recipe is pretty easy and needs just two ingredients- sugar and baking soda! Besides it will be done in just three steps.

You simply need to caramelise the sugar, add a pinch of baking soda to it for a honeycomb texture. Pour the caramelised sugar on a baking sheet and just before it is about to set, make a design on it of your choice using a cutter. That’s it! You can remove the designed piece with a pin when it is set and enjoy! Take a look at Saransh Goila’s video here:

"Took the #squidgame challenge this #fooviefridays Have you watched this insane show yet? Have you taken the challenge and did you survive??? Or you took the dive #squidgamechallenge #dalgona #candy #dalgonacandy #sugar #delishaaas" wrote the chef in his caption.

Isn’t it interesting how this viral recipe needs basic, minimal ingredients and absolutely no time? Will you try Dalgona candy at home? Let us know.