Viral: Toddler Tries Sparkling Water For The First Time; Her Reaction Is Too Adorable To Miss
Image Credit: Source: Screengrab of Pubity's post/Instagram

The internet is filled with all kinds of content - starting from cringe-worthy food trends to absolutely relatable stuff that we cannot afford to miss. We have found one such relatable video that we cannot afford to miss, nor can our parents. Why? Because, we don’t remember our firsts as our parents do and this video is one of the firsts of a baby who tries sparkling water for the first time and her reaction to the same is too adorable and relatable at the same time. Take a look yourself:

The toddler in the video, Samirah Smith who lives in the US, is seen trying a sip of sparkling water from her father’s bottle. She first tries to grab the bottle with her hands to taste what her father was drinking and her reaction post the same is just too adorable to miss. Upon taking the first sip, the two-year-old suddenly frowns and raises her hand in denial. From her expressions, it's clear that she absolutely hated the taste of the beverage. Furthermore, her confusion about understanding the sensations that she felt in her body is too much fun to watch. The video was originally uploaded by her mother Camille Smith on her Instagram profile, which was then reposted on the famous Instagram page @pubity. The baby’s reaction made the video garner around 12 million views.

The internet couldn’t help but relate to the baby's reactions and the comments section of the video is the proof. The netizens are absolutely in awe of the baby’s reactions and have shown their excitement and fondness in the comments section. Take a look at them:

“Not even for the first time. I do it to this day”

“Same, girl, same”

“Sparkling water tastes like angry air 😖”

“I feel the same way little girl, nothing with bubbles for me. Everything flat.”

Do you also relate to the baby’s reactions? Well, we surely do. Let us know your views in the comments section.