Viral: This Video Shows The Best Way To Cut A Pomegranate And We Are Impressed
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

If not for choppers, processors or all the electric gizmos like air fryer, preparing food would have been a tough affair. Just chopping, measuring or peeling ingredients can take up hours of time. It is a tedious task to prepare meals, but thanks to the internet we’ve got multiple simple tricks, tips and hacks that can make our work easier. A while back we came across a genius trick to cut pineapple and now, we have found another handy kitchen hack on the internet that will help you eat a pomegranate easily. A video that shows how to remove pomegranate seeds from the peel in a few simple steps has gone viral. No, it’s not just a usual ‘how to’ video but in fact gives us a hack without using any fancy gadget but just a knife and a bowl. Take a look:

The video shared by food blogger @ambitiouskitchen on Instagram, shows a super easy way to peel pomegranate and take out the seeds. Pomegranate is a complicated fruit; unlike apple you cannot just bite into it. It isn’t like orange too that you can simply peel and eat. In the video the blogger shows how you can start cutting the pomegranate right around the crown, and gently remove the skin. Then you score vertical lines along the white lines and divide the fruit. You can then simply turn the fruit upside down and divide it, you can just use a wooden spoon to push the seeds in a bowl. That’s it, isn’t it amazing how easy this was? Have you tried this ever? 

Did you know that the pomegranate seeds are also known as arils? Peeling it can be tricky task, perhaps this is why I always avoid eating a pomegranate despite the fact that I love it so much. But maybe now I won’t mind giving it a try with this simple hack. It's all about a few simple cuts after all. The video has already garnered more than 270k views and over 7k likes. 

Now that we know how to remove the pomegranate seeds easily, it is time to make a few amazing drinks and dishes with it. You can simply extract the juice of the fresh pomegranate by taking the arils and blending in a mixer, strainer and drink. Here are 5 more dishes you can make with pomegranate: 

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