The internet is full of new surprises. Every single day, numerous creators take over the internet to share their content and make each day a little more bearable for us. That was how the internet kept us sane in 2021 and 2022 doesn’t look any less. The year began with some crazy trends and almost every day we come across a new internet trend. One such video that is all the rage is of the five ways of eating a pizza and each one makes one laugh harder than the previous. The video has garnered about 3 million views on Instagram and several comments and funny reactions from netizens around the world.

The video is shared by a musician duo who go by the username @lionfieldmusic. The duo has several videos of reacting to funny and weird food videos from around the world and this video is one of them. The video shows a man eating a pizza five ways. The first way is the normal way of eating a pizza which was to hold it in hand and bite into the top of the triangular slice. The second way was the “New York Way” which was to fold the slice into half and eat it. Then comes the “Psycho Way” of eating a pizza which was to bite into the crust of the pizza and proceed to the other edge gradually. The last one is “The Correct Way” which was to roll the entire pizza up with the toppings inside and eat it. While the first two ways got approval from the duo, the last two left them all shocked and confused.

The video has gathered comments and reactions from several Instagram users. While some of them commented wondering where the fifth way is, a user commented “Italian police got to him before he was able to do the 5th way” while another said, “the fifth way is with a knife and fork”. The post has garnered numerous hilarious comments with mixed reactions from pizza lovers across the world.

What’s your take on this? Do let us know how you prefer eating your pizza.